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NEA 3D Printer Launches on Indiegogo — Affordably Priced in 3 Different Sizes

Back in January at CES I was able to meet the team behind a company called NEA, who were working on a new series of stylish and affordable 3D printers. Immediately my attention was drawn to the sleek, stylish design and several size options that the company had made available. Although these machines were not being offered to the public at the time, the Toronto-based company assured us that they would be launching a crowdfunding campaign later in the year.
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NEA 3D Printers – Stylish & Upgradeable Printers for Beginners and Pros

Hi We’re on INDIEGOGO!
We are NEA 3D.
And we are committed to building a new experience for makers, innovators, builders, educators and designers.
With decades of combined legacy in Creative Design, Technology, Innovation, and Community, we are committed to bringing to you the world’s most advanced, affordable 3D printer.
Which one is right for you?
Check out our website to learn how to grab our printers at an amazing cost
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Mai 6, 2015 - 3D-Druck News, 3D-Drucker

Makerarm, the Complete Personal Fabrication System & 3D Printer, to be Unveiled Later This Month

While many aspects of 3D printing may appear limited at this time, especially when considering speed, build size, and material compatibility, there is little doubt that these limits will be surpassed in the months and years ahead. If you look back over past decades, technology has always seemed to surpass our wildest visions. Just like driverless cars appeared to be a pipe dream a decade or two ago, or space travel, an event only found in science-fiction novels just 75 years ago, 3D printing is here now and will only continue to surprise us all as innovative minds uncover new creative approaches which will define the technology moving forward.
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Mai 5, 2015 - 3D-Druck News, 3D-Drucker

What Happens When You Turn a 3D Printer Upside Down & On Its Side?

We often hear the statement, “Well, I could do that standing on my head.” How about while 3D printing? If you are thinking about trying it, then you’re hanging with the right crowd here.

While 3D printing is a fascination unto itself, what’s even more so? 3D printing in space. 3D printing when you have no control over gravity. And while we’re at it, what about 3D printing sideways?
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The Upside-down 3D Printer Experiment

I’ve been told that FDM printers work in any orientation… Let’s find out!
I printed 3 spheres in regular, side and upside down orientation to see if it had any effect, good or bad, on the print quality.
Yes, I know regular SLA and DLP printers work upside down, but that’s different! 😛
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Wanhao USA Introduces New Duplicator I3 3D Printer For Just $375

When it comes to affordable 3D printing, now is a better time than ever to consider purchasing your first machine. As each month passes, it seems as though the average price for a basic desktop machine drops in a linear fashion. Certainly a floor will eventually be struck, but for now, if you are in the market for a new 3D printer, you might as well enjoy the ride.
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Wanhao Duplicator i3 Prusa Initial Factory Testing

First video of the Wanhao Duplicator i3 Prusa initial testing at the factory.
For more info visit www.wanhaousa.com
© 2015 Wanhao USA
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