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3D Printing TPE with the Airwolf 3D HD

Airwolf 3D Update Regarding New Material, Meet a New Material
for 3D Printers …. TPE. www.airwolf3d.com. This is a „thermoplastic elastomer“, also referred to as „thermoplastic rubber.“ The handler in the video demonstrates that this 3MM TPE filament is extremely flexible and strong. This material can be quite tricky to print correctly. Follow this guide and remember, be patient with this material. Make sure to keep some extra PLA filament for this exercise. We run the filament at up to 250-260C to flush out the previous filament.
(Quelle: Youtube / Airwolf 3D)

Prometheus Hot End

New Customizable All-Metal Hot End for 3D Printers!

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This new hot end design allows RepRap users to experiment with all aspects of thermoplastic extrusion. Its actively cooled all-metal construction is very durable and can easily withstand the high temperatures required for extruding thermoplastics like Nylon and Polycarbonate, while its unique modular design enables the user to customize the „melt-zone“ length, “transition-zone“ length, and thermistor position according to their needs.

This compact, reliable, and precise hot end is the all-in-one solution for your 3D printer!

Design Features

– Durable, actively cooled, all-metal construction for high-temperature extrusion up to 300C.

– Modular design with user-variable „melt-zone“ length, „transition-zone“ length, and thermistor position for your specific need or experimentation.

– Precision CNC-machined parts featuring a 1-Piece Stainless Steel Nozzle that is internally polished to prevent jamming (especially when printing PLA).

– 1-Piece Stainless Steel Nozzle eliminates all leaks and clogs caused by internal „melt-zone“ junctions.

– Thermistor is now secured by a cap screw for increased reliability and aesthetic appeal. No more messy Kapton Tape wrapped around the heater block.

– Support for an additional “redundant” heater block thermistor as an optional precautionary measure.

– Compact design conserves z-height and easily fits standard extruder bodies.

– Customizable design makes it very easy to adjust the nozzle height for dual extrusion setups.

– Assembled weight is only about 30g making it ideal for high-speed printing on Delta and “Ultimaker-style” 3D printers.

– Printed successfully for hundreds of hours with PLA, ABS, Polycarbonate, and Nylon 618.

– Number of hot end leaks, clogs, and jams experienced during testing: 0 (zero!).

*Select your perk on the right and help make the Prometheus Hot End a reality!
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Prometheus Hot End printing Zig-Zag Vase in Nylon 618 at 200 microns

Prometheus Hot End printing Zig-Zag Vase in Nylon 618 at 200 microns.
The Prometheus Hot End is now on Indiegogo!
(Quelle: Youtube / Eric Sammut)

Filament Clip

Filament Clip 3mm or 1.75mm

Use this clip to store your filament spool and prevent it from unwinding itself. Instead of clipping the filament the the spool itself, this clip is attached to the filament itself. Therefore it can be used with any kind of spool.
The clip is designed for filament up to 3mm and is very easy to use.
(Download-Files und weitere Infos: youmagine.com)

Sierra Resins, Inc. and 3D Printlife Form Venture To Introduce 3D Bioplastic Printer Filament

MANSFIELD, Massachusetts .., and Los Angeles, California, March 21, 2014 — Bioplastics formulator Sierra Resins and 3D Printlife have formed a partnership to introduce a 3D printer biofilament.

The type of bioplastic formula used for initial 3D biofilament test runs is currently in production for film applications and injection-molded products.

„Processability, smoothness, and adherence to tolerances were good,“ said John Tersigni, President and CEO of Sierra Resins. „We’re now going to submit this particular grade of 3D biofilament to an independent ASTM certified biodegradability testing laboratory. We’re happy about the initial results, it’s a good sign.“

„Also, with 3D Printlife positioned in the middle of this marketplace with their printer and accessory line, we believe we have an ideal partner to distribute and deliver the 3D printer biofilament. They know the market. And according to 3ders.org, the 3D printing materials market is forecasted to reach about $408 million by 2018. It’s an emerging market worth pursuing,“ said Tersigni.

„We are very pleased with the initial test results of Sierra Resins‘ 3D biofilament,“ said Buzz Baldwin, Co-Founder of 3D Printlife. „Our focus has always been about giving options to the consumer and we are extremely excited about delivering a biofilament to our customers, something that can perform like any other high quality plastic. Some filament plastics have been criticized for their potential negative impact to the environment. A line of biofilaments will make a valuable contribution to sustainable development in 3D printing and with the expertise of Sierra Resins we feel we have the best possible partner to bring a viable biofilament to the consumer.

Sierra Resins Inc. www.sierraresins.com is a formulator and licensor of bioplastics technology. For more information contact Sierra Resins media relations manager Heather Cox-Smith at 774-284-4037 heather.cox_smith@sierraresins.com, or John Tersigni at john.tersigni@sierraresins.com

3D Printlife www.3DPrintlife.com is a Master Distributor of 3D printers for businesses and home use, along with 3D print accessories such as filament and 3D design templates. For more information contact 3D Printlife’s VP of Marketing, Joel Rush at 323-419-0029 or joel@3dprintlife.com
(Quelle: Youtube)

Students Develop “Full-Colour” FDM 3D Printer Adapter

Now, before anyone who’s still wrapping their head around 3D printing goes and tells everyone about this new full-colour 3D printer adapter and before anyone who’s overly familiar with the technology goes and yells at us for covering another sketchy botObjects-esque marketing gimmick, just relax for a minute. Two students from the University of Wisconsin at Madison have developed a device that they say allows any FFF/FDM 3D printer to print in “full colour.”
(…weiter auf 3dprintingindustry.com)

Get Involved in RichRap’s Mission — One Spool to Rule them All …

RepRap community member and 3D printing guru Richard Horne, aka RichRap is on a mission. Following years of experience — some good, some bad and some just plain old ugly — with 3D printing filament, Richard has taken it upon himself (I can think of noone better to lead this charge) to bring about stanardisation when it comes to how 3D printing filament is supplied.
(…weiter auf 3dprintingindustry.com)

New 1 75mm Filaflex RECREUS Sneakerbots

Official presentation of the 1.75mm Filaflex and the new RECREUS SNEAKER II.

Hello guys!
We know that a lot of people are asking about the 1.75mm filaflex, during severals months of development now we reach the goal, we have developed an easy upgrade for the most hotend and is open source you can check the plans and instructions on www. recreus.com.


Layer height……0.2mm
Print speed…….90mm/s
Printer………..Prusa I3
Extruder……….Direct drive
Time…………..22 hours

(Quelle: Youtube / RECREUS 3D PRINTING)


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