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FilaFab’s Latest 3D Printing Filament Extruder Launches on Kickstarter

If you’re serious about 3D printing and build a large number of objects, there are benefits to producing your own filament, and it’s possible to save up to 80% on the cost of ready-made materials. You can also recycle old prints and other plastics, experiment with colors and compounds, and extrude materials like ABS, PLA, EVA, HDPE, and nylon.
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FILAFAB: First professional filament extruder and winder
von Edward Clifford

Extrude high quality filament for your 3D printer from pellets or recycled plastic and re-fill used spools automatically.

After much development we are pleased to bring you the market leading desktop system for producing on demand filament for your Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printer – the FilaFab Extruder and the FilaFab Filament Winder.

The FilaFab system enables you to produce professional quality filament and spool it ready for printing, all within the confines of your desk/workshop.
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Z-Temp Offers Greater Filament Options for Zortrax M200

The Zortrax M200 is known for producing high quality prints and relative ease of use. Part of that is attributable to fine hardware engineering, but it is also a result of Zortrax’s proprietary printer control software known as Z-Suite, which limits hot end temperatures to a preset series of profile settings based on the Zortrax-supplied filament being used.
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3D Printed Stainless Steel and Bronze Designs Available Faster Than Ever with i.materialise

As 3D printing technology improves, we’re seeing the gap between what’s possible with less expensive home printers and industrial-level machines grow narrower and narrower. One of the drawbacks of the small-scale, desktop machines has certainly been the limitations where printing material is concerned. While we’re tremendous fans of the thermoplastics, we also realize there are instances when your 3D design demands a material that is not only durable, but also emblematic of permanence.
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Kickstarter: Orbit 1 Tabletop Electroplating Device Goes for the Gold in 3D Printing

It’s a rare individual not drawn to the rich allure of gold. Our need and constant quest for the treasured metal has manifested itself in nearly every part of the world and is responsible for causing economies to soar, and tumble. It’s an interest and obsession that has been part of the human paradigm since the earliest empires of man.
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Orbit1: A Tabletop Electroplater Turns Your Ideas into Gold
von Monolith Studio Inc.

Orbit1 is an efficient, easy to use electroplating device that coats almost anything in metal, at only $2/g.

Orbit1 is an electroplater that allows you to plate just about everything. Look at the trumpet we 3D printed and plated with Orbit1! You can even make your own musical instrument at home. Using Orbit1, you can coat your works in metal, even gold, in three simple steps. First, clean and polish your object, next spray the conductive paint, then click start. Orbit1 will metallize your design, empowering you with the Midas touch from your tabletop. Orbit1 is a step forward in the 3D printing world.
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New Protocol Helps 3DFilo Rate the Best 3D Printing Filament for the Job

Dozens of new products – including some produced by large petrochemical groups – are literally flooding the market, offering hundreds of different options for 3D printer filaments. And, developed in collaboration with Dogma Solutions, 3DFilo’s Filaments Evaluation Protocol (FEP) test aims to provide users, especially those who buy consumables for 3D printing, the criteria for determining whether a particular filament is suitable for a specific use.
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