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Mrz 20, 2015 - 3D-Druck News

3 Likely Acquisition Targets Within the 3D Printing Industry

Over the last 18 months we have seen more acquisitions within the 3D printing space than we had likely witnessed over the previous 5 years combined. Competition and fear of larger players entering the industry have given rise to an all-out acquisition spree among the leaders within the industry thus far.
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Mrz 2, 2015 - 3D-Druck News

Chinese government unveils „National Plan“ for development of 3D printing industry

We’ve known for a while that the Chinese government is particularly interested in 3D printing technology. After all, they have sponsored various innovative 3D printing experiments in the past, which have done and are doing a lot for the development of a Chinese 3D printing industry. Just look at their recent experiment to include 3D printers on warships, to produce custom-made replacement parts in emergency situations.
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Feb 15, 2015 - 3D-Druck News

3D Printing And How 3D Printing Industry Effects Cities

There has been plenty of hype recently about the wonders of three-dimensional printing — a fast-emerging technology that one day may be able to reproduce any object, from an instrument for sublime music (a Stradivarius violin) to a potential weapon of death (a bullet-firing gun).

But 3-D printing machines can do more than produce objects. They could change the future of the world’s cities, perhaps dramatically. With 3-D, cities may well once again be the world’s manufacturing workshops.
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Dez 1, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

3D Printing: Bringing Jobs Back to The US, While Changing The Fabric of Manufacturing

With everyone from private enthusiasts to industry experts and CEOs heralding 3D printing as the next great manufacturing shift, it can be easy to forget the last sea change in the industry—the effects of which are still very much being grappled with at every level. Before 3D printing there was outsourcing, and it made itself hyper-profitable for companies operating on volume margins. The ability for Chinese factories to mass-produce a given widget at a lower cost per unit than U.S. factories made it a no-brainer business move for many.
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Nov 23, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

Groupe Gorgé Prodways Signs Significant Distribution Agreements

Production grade 3D printer manufacturer Groupe Gorge has announced the signature of a number of major distribution agreements posed towards the company’s international development. The new deals further increase the growth potential and viability of the market positioning of the Prodways 3D Printer brand in Europe for Groupe Gorge — specifically in Germany, Austria, Italy, Romania and the wider Eastern European region.
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