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Shapeways Adds a New, Easy-to-Use 3D Model Scaling Tool

Shapeways, the web-based 3D printing service and marketplace titan, just keeps improving and simplifying the process of uploading your 3D designs for printing. It’s now easier than ever to get your model just right before 3D printing it. Thanks to Shapeways’ newest 3D tool, you can scale your model to different sizes when you’re uploading it.
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Doolydoo Turns your Kids’ Drawings into 3D Printed Collectable Statues

The parents of a young child, almost without exception, will have a refrigerator covered with drawings, doodles, and artwork. The family refrigerator art gallery is something that crosses borders and nationalities, but unfortunately most of those memories will be lost to time and the fragility of the paper they were drawn on. Some parents keep boxes full of their children’s artwork, while others try to laminate them or create scrapbooks. Realistically, once children’s artwork is taken off display it will most likely not be seen again.
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3D Printed Personalized „Action Me“ Figurines: Your Chance to Play Action Hero

Did you dream of being a heroic action figure as a child, saving the day and rescuing the world? Did you imagine yourself as the beautiful bride or the dashing groom?
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Action Me – Your likeness on a fully articulated figure
by Sky Xi

Your face on a fully articulated action figure – 3D reconstructed photos combined with 3D printing and hand digital sculpting

Action Me is your face on a fully articulated action figure. Action Me Kickstarter will ensure our custom action figure series reaches full production. Traditional action figures always come with a perfectly-packaged storyline but why play with standard action figures? Simply create your own personalized Action Me figure and create your own empowering stories.
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Germany’s iGo3D Partners with Staples to Launch 3D Printing „Store in a Store“ Collaboration

As the number of applications for 3D printing continues to rapidly expand, and prices for the hardware drop like a rock, we are beginning to see printers being offered in some of the more popular retail stores around the globe. Although not a mainstream technology quite yet, the market for desktop 3D printers will continue to see substantial growth in the years ahead.
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Scandy 3D Printing Service: Scan with Your Phone, Upload, and Receive 3D Prints for $20

Recently, looking through my grandmother’s old photo albums, with curling pictures from the ’40s and ’50s displaying happy faces that could not possibly have imagined the emergence and impact of 3D printing today, I reflected on just the past decade when our generation could never have imagined photography labs and retail outlets closing their doors.
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Voovo launches budget 3D printing service platform where you can auction off print jobs

In recent years it has become far easier to work with 3D printing technology even when you don’t actually own a 3D printer. If you’re not a hardcore hobbyist, its remarkably easy to work with a professional 3D printing studio or Shapeways to get the results you need. There’s really only one problem with those services, and that is the hefty price tag attached to even small print jobs.
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