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3D Systems Announces Commercial Availability of 3DMe PhotoBooths

Me! Me! 3D Me! You might hear some of that at Euromold 2014 next week, as 3D Systems unveils the 3DMe Photobooth from November 25-28, 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany. Recommending 3DMe as a crowd-pleaser for events and retail venues, 3DS announced that the photobooth will be available for shipping to retailers in the U.S. and Europe on December 1, 2014.
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3DMe® Photobooth. Get into character.

3DMe® Photobooth by 3D Systems lets you create customized 3DMe figurines and order 3D printed models instantaneously. Just press a button, smile and see your face on one of over 200 3DMe figurine possibilities. To see more visit http://www.3dsystems.com/3dmephotobooth
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UStatue: Wow Your Loved Ones This Holiday With a 3D Printed Statue of… YOU!

It’s good to know that while we are all busy evolving into the best humans we can be, so are our selfies. Are you feeling like a musical selfie? A handy selfie? Soccer mom selfie? The list can eventually grow as infinitely as our moods, events, and varying expressions, and now you can put them into solid, 3D printed form for your loved ones.
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Expansion at Fathom Reflects Increasing Demand for Advanced 3D Printing Services

FATHOM has just announced significant in-house expansion efforts at its production center in Oakland, CA. The increased capacity is being driven by new capital equipment and taking on new staff with specific engineering skills to meet the growing demand for its services, which include advanced manufacturing and prototyping activities supported by 3D printing technologies.
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Mixee Labs‘ new 3D printed Fantasy Football trophy

It’s football season, and guys at Mixee Labs figure sports fans should get some 3D printed magic in their lives too. The company is constantly trying to expand 3D printing into new categories, from toys, jewelry, pet products, and now to sports. Mixee Labs partnered with Andrew Thomas to create a Fantasy Football Trophy maker (American football) to bring 3D Printing to the world of Fantasy Football.
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3Dealise Uses One of The World’s Largest Commercial 3D Sand Printers to Create Prototypes for Customer

If we are to see a third industrial revolution borne out of the up-and-coming technology of 3D printing, many ideologies must change. Industrial leaders must realize that 3D printing won’t just completely replace more traditional methods overnight. Upgrading machinery, and machine practices throughout industry is a gradual process. There are workers who must be trained, and funds that must be raised in order to slowly move in a new direction.
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3D Printing gives historic car a new lease of life

This video shows how a damaged 1912 car engine was remanufactured in a matter of weeks, using 3D scanning and 3D printing by 3Dealise. 3Dealise is the largest 3D sand printing centre in northern Europe and uses the largest and fastest 3D sand printer currently on the market – the ExOne S-Max with a build volume of 1800 x 1000 x 700 mm (70 x 39 x 27 in.).
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CoKreeate: From Larry King, to Mini Me, Kat Bailess & More – Company Launches First Retail Store This Week

I was introduced to a company called CoKreeate back in February when I did a story covering the first ever 3D printed comic book cover, which the company created for former professional wrestler ‘Brimstone’. I was fascinated by the incredible detail in which the company was able to take a normal 2-dimensional piece of artwork, and transform it into a 3D printed masterpiece.
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