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The Shapeways Factory is a Modern Santa Klaus’ FabLab

We are living in amazing times where what used to be science fiction is now just science and the stuff of legends is becoming real. Although still in its infancy, 3D printing is giving us the power to shape reality, thus making certain myths a little less impossible. For example, since the holiday season is approaching, Santa Klaus. Two things make his myth unlikely: delivering gifts to everyone in the world in one night and being able to produce every single gift in a small lab at the North Pole. While no advance in technology – not even drones – could soon help him out with the first one, the second one is starting to look very much like a Shapeways Factory.
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Doob Group’s New Shops and High Profile Partnerships Are Aimed at Mass Customization

Last week I covered the Doob Group and its Dooblicator (trans)portable photogrammetric 3D scanner. Looking into the Dusseldorf based company’s activities I was shocked to find out they span across just a bout every possible application of 3D technologies (scanning, designing and printing) so, following up on my editor, Rachel’s prompt suggestion, I contacted the company to find out more and get some on the ground insight.
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This Startup Wants to be the Hub for All of Your 3D Printed Stuff

Life is an exhausting mess sometimes and, when it comes to buying things, it’s impossible to find a product that’s just right for you. Luckily, as 3D printing spreads across the globe, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to find items that can be tailored to suit your needs. The latest is StuffHub, a San Francisco startup that wants to connect designers and consumers through 3D printed e-commerce.
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Making 3D Printing a Sustainable Business For All with Fabnami

If you are fascinated by 3D printing you may have tried to figure out a way to make a business out of it. There are many ways you can go about it. One – as I have often argued – is learning CAD and offering a low cost prototyping service to everyone in your neighborhood with a RepRap 3D Printer. That, however, is about designing more than actually making things. If you love 3D printers, what you would want to do is offer a 3D printing service with every technology there is. However, if your name is not Shapeways, Materialise or Sculpteo, the initial investment required is likely a tad bit beyond your reach.
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3D printing arrives in Cambodia

We like to say that 3D printing technology and the maker revolution are worldwide phenomena. But like some many technological breakthroughs, it is mostly limited to the ‚first world‘ and a relatively select group in other countries. That is, sadly, just one of the current realities of technological growth.
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Alterego3D Showed Me and My Alter Ego That the Time Has Come for Physical Photography

Let’s face it, of all the amazing possibilities opened up by 3D printing (quick and affordable prototyping, delocalized and sustainable manufacturing, process and supply chain optimization, and many more…) that of getting yourself cloned in a miniature statuette is perhaps one of the more “frivolous” ones and yet, as is often the case, it is the one that is taking off fast in the consumer space.
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