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What’s Going On In the 6th Dimension?

Changing Technologies is an interesting company, as is their new subsidiary 6th Dimension. They seem to sit somewhere between a start-up SME with product potential and a concerning publicly floated mystery. As far as existing products, patents and performance go, there is the stylish 3D print kiosk concept, and now a(nother) new press release stating that they are in the “initial stages of development for an innovative online retail portal that will provide consumers a state-of-the-art platform where they can order and purchase 3D printed items.” The small print that goes with investing in company is worth a look. Rachel has her suspicions, as does Mike, expressed in his article a couple of months back about this company.
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Sunny Miami Gets A 1Click 3D Printing Service

March this year saw the opening of Florida’s, and one of America’s, first 3D printing providers with a printing Livestream, the Object Shop in Pasco, which we reported on earlier in the year. In June Florida’s Museum of Science and Industry partnered with the University of South Florida’s College of Arts to present an exhibition covering a wide range of our subject technologies applications named 3D Printing The Future, which is still on after being extended to meet popular demand. Now, Miami is getting its own 3D printing service provider and 3D printer retailer, 1click3Dprint, which opened on the 17th of this month.
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3-D printing taking hold in Kingston

When Felix Olivieri needs name tags or something to hang art supplies, he doesn’t run out to an office supply store.

Instead, Olivieri goes to his computer, not to order them online, but to print them out himself using a MakerBot Mini 3-D printer.

Olivieri, who co-owns Olivieri’s Arts, Crafts and Coffee on Broadway with his wife Sarah Olivieri, said he’s had it for about three months and he was the first store in Kingston to have one.
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Turn Yourself Into a 3D Printed „Ghostbuster“ Figurine With the Help of 3DMe

It’s been over 30 years since the first Ghostbusters film was released by Columbia Pictures in June of 1984. The film, which has become an American classic, and one of my own personal all-time favorite comedies, has become a merchandising goldmine, with comic books, video games, toys, and more. In fact, there has even been a Ghostbuster TV Series. With Ghostbusters 3 scheduled for release, likely next year, the franchise is as vibrant as ever.
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More News from Melbourne: Australia’s First Commercial 3D Printing Factory

In Melbourne, the first commercial 3D printing factory in Australia has arrived. The new 7 million dollar space is owned and operated by Objective 3D, the largest distributor of Stratasys printers in Australia. The company also sells Artec Scanners and provides a wide range of services including engineering assessment, file interrogation, and fit for purpose analysis from RedEye Australasia, a division of Objective 3D.
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iGo3D opening 2nd & 3rd 3D printing store in Stuttgart and Frankfurt

Last Thursday (Oct.9, 2014) iGo3D, the first 3D printer store in Germany opened its first retail store for 3d printing in Stuttgart city center. The 71 square meters space is filled with 3D Printers from Ultimaker, Builder, Be3D, Felix and Beeverycreative. iGo3D offers visitors to the new shopping center ‚Milaneo‘ the whole range of digital manufacturing experience.
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TryeCo 3D Printing & 3D Scanning Studio Is Giving Art Your Face

If you are just getting into 3D printing and want to make a business out of it your best bet is to invest in a low cost 3D printer and start thinking real hard about who could use custom plastic components. Unless you have a lot of money to invest, don’t even bother with high end 3D printers and scanners because there are those who have been using them for a long time and, if they do what TryeCo studio does, they are pretty good at it.
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