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Mai 4, 2015 - 3D-Druck News, 3D-Scanner

Perceptron’s New ScanR Scanning System Ideal for Capturing Reflective and Carbon Fiber Materials

Perceptron, Inc. has spent the last 20 years pioneering and refining the use of laser scanners for applications on portable, and fixed, coordinate measuring machines.
Now with the ScanR, what the company calls the world’s first green CMM laser-line scanner, Perceptron says they’ve built a device that extends the dynamic range for measuring reflective surfaces and carbon fiber parts.
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Artec 3D Releases Artec Studio 10 & New Space Spider 3D Scanner

While photo booths were created and marketed as a way to preserve a moment in time at a place or event, the actual act of everyone cramming into the photo booth, laughing and hamming it up, is often the memory itself. With 3D scanning, that’s even more so the case, as Artec 3D offers us not only the chance to have full-body scans performed in their Shapify booths (memorable indeed), but they’ve also put the 3D scanning capability right into our hands—and powerfully so—with both the necessary software and hardware.
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Apr 28, 2015 - 3D-Druck News, 3D-Scanner

Better 3D Scanning Coming Thanks to Northwestern

A group at Northwestern University near Chicago is developing a new type of 3D scanning technology that should increase reliability and usability.
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Motion Contrast 3D Scanning Teaser

Motion Contrast 3D Scanning Teaser from compphotolab on Vimeo.

A brief intro to our Motion Contrast 3D (MC3D) scanning technology.

Real-time 3D scanning is important for systems that operates outdoors like self-driving cars or augmented reality glasses. Current scanning devices fails when external light sources, such as the sun, are too bright. Our MC3D technology overcomes this problem to enable live 3D scanning in challenging conditions.

To learn more, visit compphotolab.northwestern.edu
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