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Nov 12, 2014 - 3D-Druck News, 3D-Scanner

Fuel3D wins CES Best of Innovation Award

There’s no denying it, CES — the Consumer Electronics Show hosted in Las Vegas every year by the CEA — is just around the corner. And yes, I am STILL wondering what happened to 2014. Ahead of one of the most highly anticipated consumer shows, where 3D printing and 3D scanning is gaining in popularity year on year, the CEA has revealed its 2015 CES Best of Innovation Awards.
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Nov 7, 2014 - 3D-Scanner

Scientists Resurrect The Dodo With 3D Laser Scanning

More than three centuries after the last of its species walked on the isle of Mauritius, the skeleton of the dodo bird has been recreated using 3D scanning technology. The virtual model is enabling scientists to reconstruct how it walked, moved and lived to a level of detail that has never been possible before.
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Doob Group’s New Shops and High Profile Partnerships Are Aimed at Mass Customization

Last week I covered the Doob Group and its Dooblicator (trans)portable photogrammetric 3D scanner. Looking into the Dusseldorf based company’s activities I was shocked to find out they span across just a bout every possible application of 3D technologies (scanning, designing and printing) so, following up on my editor, Rachel’s prompt suggestion, I contacted the company to find out more and get some on the ground insight.
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KFC to 3D Scan and Print Customers Eating the New „Hashbrown Double“ Sandwich in Australia

We have seen several retail stores use 3D scanning and printing technology in unison as a way to both attract customers and reward them. One example is the recent partnership between Walmart, Hasbro, and 3DPlusMe to put traveling 3D scanning booths in 10 Walmart locations and 2 Sam’s Club stores for part of the month of September, allowing their customers to be scanned, and then printed out as Marvel Super heroes. Overall the booths have been a hit.
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Nov 6, 2014 - 3D-Druck News, 3D-Scanner

RangeVision Smart

Smart is a new personal 3D scanner from RangeVision which is great for objects of different sizes ~ from 4cm to 1meter.
It is compact, easy calibrated and makes accurate and highly detailed scans.
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