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Researchers 3D Print MicroSwimmers & BioRobots to Carry Cargo Inside Human Body, Fueled by Cells

As humans, and especially Americans in general, we like to come out big and bold with concepts, products, and splashy success that gets painted all over the headlines. That’s what gets attention. With 3D printing we have these amazing machines that can sit right on our desktops and produce household items, toys for ourselves and the kids, as well as prototypes giving us the freedom to launch and sustain businesses.
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3D Printing To Produce Human Organs For Transplant Patients

3d printer is ready to make another huge impact in the medical field, as we all know many people around the world has been dying due to lack of blood and organs, we would have saved millions of people in the past, if we had enough organs and blood, but things are changing, soon we will be having sufficient organs for transplant and it is possible only through 3d printing.
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How 3D Printing Could End The Deadly Shortage Of Donor Organs

Three-dimensional printing has been used to make everything from pizza to prostheses, and now researchers are working on using the emerging technology to fabricate hearts, kidneys, and other vital human organs.

That would be very big news, as the number of people who desperately need an organ transplant far outstrips the number of donor organs available. On average, about 21 Americans die every day because a needed organ was unavailable.
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Organovo Holdings, Inc. to Provide Corporate Update and Investor Presentation in a Live, Interactive Webcast on March 5th

Company invites individual and institutional investors as well as advisors to attend real-time, VirtualInvestorConferences.com

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Organovo Holdings, Inc. (NYSE MKT: ONVO) („Organovo“), a three-dimensional biology company focused on delivering breakthrough 3D bioprinting technology, announced today that Keith Murphy, President and Chief Executive Officer, will present live at VirtualInvestorConferences.com on March 5th.

„We invite you to join us for this Company update,“ said Mr. Murphy. „We plan to provide updates on our commercial launch of the exVive3D Liver, Bioprinted Human Tissue, commercialization milestones for 3D bioprinted kidney tissue, and additional exciting opportunities for the Company’s future growth.“

For investors who are not yet familiar with the Company and desire background information, including an understanding of the 3D bioprinting technology used by Organovo to create functional living human tissues, investors can watch an informational background presentation on the Company’s website:
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Could 3D Bioprinted Rhino Horn Alternative Save the World’s Rhinoceros Population

We have a problem. Human beings are greedy. Perhaps it is Charles Darwin’s ‘Survival of the Fittest’ playing out in a real world scenario. Whatever it is, it is leading to many species of wildlife becoming extinct and others becoming critically endangered. One of these animals is the rhinoceros, a mammal which is hunted exclusively for its horns.
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3D-Druck: JKU-Studie untersucht Möglichkeiten und Grenzen der Technologie

3D-Druck ist in aller Munde – spektakuläre Berichte über das Drucken von künstlichem Fleisch und künstlichen Organen mit Hilfe Generativer Fertigungsverfahren führten zu euphorischen Vorhersagen zu den Potentialen dieser Technologie. Was aber kann die neue Technologie wirklich leisten, und wie widersprechen sich diese Potentiale und die öffentliche Erwartung? Die InnovationsforscherInnen Johannes Gartner, Daniela Maresch und Matthias Fink vom IFI Institut für Innovationsmanagement der Johannes Kepler Universität (JKU) Linz haben dazu den diesjährigen IFI-JKU Report zu Generativen Fertigungsverfahren präsentiert.
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