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A New 3D Printer Nozzle for Chocolate?

A Kickstarter campaign is attempting to raise funds to engineer a nozzle specifically to 3D print chocolate.
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Chocolate Printhead for Open Source 3D Printer
by SunP Biotech
3D print chocolate from your own 3D printer!
3D printers are rapidly becoming the method of choice for the fabrication of an amplitude of objects. This includes, but is not limited to, jewelry, phone cases, children toys, and even tissue/organ replacements. The issue with today’s 3D printers are that the fabrication/print head cannot print food products, i.e. chocolate.
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ViscoTec Leverages Their Dosage Technology, Enters 3D Printing Space with Paste Extruder

Every day tens of millions, perhaps even hundreds of millions, of containers are filled with viscous products from a variety of industries, ranging from automotive, to food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and even aerospace. You may have never thought about how your shampoo was placed into its container in such an accurate manner that the weight of each bottle is almost always exact, or how drug dosages are divided in such a precise way, at rapid speeds, when even the smallest error could have major consequences.
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3D printing with ViscoTec – No. 1 Silikones, fluids and pastes

3D-printing heads by ViscoTec – http//:www.viscotec.de/en – for materials like silicone, UV- curing adhesive, 2 component adhesive as well used for organic cell solutions and pastes.
The advantage against other printers is a unique combination of speed and accuracy (resolution). We can print at a layer thickness of 0,2 mm up to 1 ml/minute (depending on viscosity). Further we guarantee a gentle dosing of structure sensitive pastes and we can handle highest viscosities.
ViscoTec concentrates on the printing head or device and the software that can be integrated in nearly every 3D printer.

3D-Druckköpfe von ViscoTec – http//:www.viscotec.de – in verschiedenen Ausführungen für Materialien wie Silikone, UV-Klebstoffe, 2-Komponenten-Klebstoffe sowie für organische Zelllösungen und Pasten aller Art.
Der Vorteil gegenüber anderen Verfahren ist die einzigartige Kombination von Geschwindigkeit und Genauigkeit (Auflösung). So können wir bei einer Layer-Stärke von 0,2mm je nach Viskosität bis zu 1 ml/Minute drucken. Daneben garantieren wir eine strukturschonende Auftragung der Paste und können auch extrem hohe Viskositäten handhaben.
Unser Schwerpunkt liegt im Druck-Kopf und der Software, welche wir in nahezu alle Druckerfabrikate integrieren können.
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HYREL 3D releases an open-source and fully customizable printhead

For the more experienced 3D printers among us, who are looking for more options and even a touch of customizability, there are fortunately a number of 3D printers out there that can be tinkered with and improved upon, like adding a larger printbed or a second extrusion head. And just in time for Christmas HYREL 3D, one of the manufacturers of those modular printers, has just released an interesting update that will doubtlessly excite many HYREL users.
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Hyrel 3D – Print Head SDK

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