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Korean plastics manufacturer BnK unveils new anti-microbial 3D printing PLA filament „Purement“

While science teachers everywhere are already calling for the inclusion of 3D printing courses in high schools, a new Korean innovation suggests it can even be taught in junior high. For plastics manufacturer BnK (Books and Kimchi) have just announced a new line of PLA filament that has anti-microbial properties. They believe this filament, called Purement, is the first of its kind and is perfect for use in homes with children and in schools.
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3D Printing with Sustainable Filaments in Mind

Why 3D print circularly?
I love shooting pictures. This summer, I went to Amsterdam with a friend to do a photo shoot. We always decide to make pictures based on a specific subject or theme. There is always a good subject to select around the beautiful canals in the center of Amsterdam. However, it struck me to see that every two or three steps (yes!), you’ll observe litter on the street! Seeing = shooting, so a small personal impression is shown in figure 1 below, but believe me I have a lot more!
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TreeD’s Exotic 3D Printing Filaments Designed with Trees in Mind

A few days ago, I participated as a speaker and moderator at a conference on 3D printing, held inside a very interesting fair on eco-sustainability called “Do the Right Thing” at the FieraMilanoCity Exhibition hall in Milan. Among the other speakers that I was to introduce was Edoardo Thomas Longoni from a filament manufacturer and distributor called TreeD.
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Graphene 3D Lab Launches BlackMagic3D Filament Brand & New Graphene 3D Printing Material

Graphene and 3D printing; the miracle material, and miracle technology, as some within the tech industry will tell you. It’s the convergence of these two technologies which may just prove to be the most exciting, however. While there are several groups researching how to 3D print graphene, there’s one company who seems to be moving forward quite rapidly with an approach which could transform several major industries in the long run.
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