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Choosing Your 3D Printing Material: It’s About More Than Strength!

It seems like 3D printers can use any material nowadays. There are some that use lasers to print in metal, additively fusing layer after layer of powder into intricate shapes. There are some that can print in chocolate. Most 3D commercial printers create parts in some sort of plastic. However, even among plastic printers, there is a wide range of what material can be used: ABS, Nylon, PLA, PC, PEI. So how do you choose which 3D printing material is right for you? Which one makes your parts the best?
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Filament wizard Kai Parthy unveils his new MOLDLAY wax 3D printing filament

With an internet full of 3D printable designs for fun toys and original accessories, it’s clear that the potential of your 3D printer is only limited by your own creativity and ambitions. And yet practically, most of us continue to rely on a desktop 3D printer and either PLA or ABS filament. But did you know that you don’t have to spend thousands on a SLS or SLA 3D printer to add some variety to your prints?
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lost wax casting with MOLDLAY 3d Filament

How to print a ancient chalice of tin with MOLDLAY ;
part of LAY-FILAMENTS by Kai Parthy
complete lost wax casting instruction with pictograms in 7 steps.

MOLDLAY is a wax-alike thermoplastic 3D printing filament, dedicated for two main casting methods:

A – lost mold ; lost wax casting
B – permanent mold casting

• super dimension stabil,
• stiff, rigid at room temperature
• near zero warp, printable without heated bed
• print at 170 – 180° C,
• heated bed max. 40°C,
• treat your mold at ~ 270°C , in an old baking oven only,
• the wax flows restless out the mold, similar as hot paraffin,

contact for dealers: kp@cc-products.de

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Fenner Drives, Makers of NinjaFlex, Release New SemiFlex 3D Printing Filament in the US and Europe

Fenner Drives has announced the release of their new SemiFlex 3D printing filament across the US and Europe, and they say the product will expand 3D capabilities with a unique set of properties. SemiFlex 3D Filament, which is joining the NinjaFlex filament line, is said to have flexibility, strength, and reliability for 3D printing projects.
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Which PLA is the Best for 3D Printing? Ask 3D Matter

On forums and social media groups devoted to 3D printing, the question is often raised of which filament manufacturer is the best. See, 3D printing filament can vary from supplier to supplier in terms of consistency, quality, and price, among other criteria. And, as more and more companies take to the 3D printing market with their own filaments for desktop fused filament fabrication, navigating these options is increasingly difficult. Materials consulting firm 3D Matter has taken it upon itself to look into the matter, publishing a white paper discussing the variety of PLA filament out there and nailing down which is the best, based on a number of criteria.
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Microblog – ColorFabb bronzeFill 3D Printing Filament Review

As you might have noticed, it has been a little silent on this blog. This is because I recently became the proud Geek Dad of a little girl! In between running my company Captain Motion (where we are developing a 3D-printed VR Headset, by the way) and caring for a Newborn, I’ve found very little time to do anything else, let alone write new Longform content for my site.
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LAYWOO-D3 Inventor Kai Parthy unveils BENDLAY flex 3D printing filament

We’ve seen time and again that the creative potential of 3D printing is only limited by your imagination and the manufacturing strength of your 3D printer. Practically, this means that the vast majority of us are bound by the plastic extrusion systems of our desktop FDM 3D printers. But we don’t have to be limited to ABS or PLA.
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BENDLAY flex – a new 3D-Filament


BENDLAY 1 (rigid 2013)
BENDLAY 2 ( flex 2014 )

part of LAY-FILAMENTS by Kai Parthy / Germany
mail: kp@cc-products.de

Bendlay flex
– is clear
– best layer adhesion
– print at 240-250°, bed 80°
– onto capton tape or ABS paint
– low odor !
– less warp
– you may print tight flexible bottles
– extendible up to 300%

see here a thin wall cup
0.6 mm only (1 perimeter)
0.3 mm layer
(Quelle: Youtube)


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