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Xploration Earth 2050: 3D Printing

Xploration Earth 2050: 3D Printing from NVBOTS on Vimeo.

Explore 3D printing on the Xploration Station!

3D printing is/will forever change how we make things. Manufacturing worldwide is getting a makeover, affecting industries from healthcare to education. It’s in homes, kitchens, and it’s even in space! Explore how 3D priting will change your life!

Watch the full version on Hulu here: hulu.com/watch/717966
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MOSI – 3D printing the future – The Exhibition – Museum of Science and Industry

Welcome to the future, where you can create anything imaginable through the revolutionary world of 3D Printing. From fashion to décor, entertainment to toys, medical devices to possible human organs, 3D Printing the Future, a new exhibition opening June 14 at MOSI, illustrates 3D printing’s boundless and mind-blowing potential to re-shape how we live, work and play.

3D Printing the Future will offer an inspiring glimpse of the future through 3D-printed objects, live demonstrations, and hands-on 3D printing, along with an in-depth look at how 3D printing technology works, how it is used, and the amazing possibilities for the future.

Visitors will watch 3D printers in action as they take an immersive journey through all applications of 3D printing, including:
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Apr 20, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

3D Printing: One Step Closer to a Star Trek Future?

On the original Star Trek TV series from the 1960s, they had their fictional replicator technology that materialized food, drink and non-edible objects. Well…now 3D printing is turning fiction into fact. There’s even a 3D printer by MakerBot Industries called the Replicator. Okay, we’re not quite at the Star Trek level yet, but the number of objects we can “print” is quickly growing, and the list includes useful things such as human organs, limbs and even synthetic food including pizza. Chefs probably don’t have to worry about their jobs just yet, as some of this 3D-printed food so far is intended for consumption by astronauts in space — where 30 minutes or free for pizza obviously isn’t an option. As well, 3D printing is in its infancy. In the near future, though, you could very well order something online and have it created in front of you from a home or office 3D printer — not unlike the Star Trek replicator.
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3D Printing
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