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A Wrench In the GeckoTek Gears – ABS Build Plate Issues Delay Shipping of Kickstarter Fave

GeckoTek say they’re working hard to address some issues with their line of 3D printer build plates, and though they haven’t found an easy solution to the problem, they’re committed to taking “some steps back” to redefine their test procedure and formula to meet the ABS performance standards they promised to their Kickstarter backers.
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GeckoTek’s 3D Printer Build Plate Begins Accepting Pre-Orders Now for January

Are you ready to say goodbye to jerry-rigging your 3D printer bed? Are you tired of tape, glue, hairspray, and putting forth efforts, both expensive and messy, in keeping your 3D printed products from warping? The time has come to forget about all that trouble, and you can mark this momentous occasion with the pre-order of your very own GeckoTek 3D printer build plate.
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Geckotek Build Plates Preview

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GeckoTek, 3D printer Build Plate with a permanent coating, launches on Kickstarter

Cincinnati, OH based startup GeckoTek has announced the launch of its Kickstarter Campaign for the GeckoTek 3D printer Build Plate.
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GeckoTek 3D Printer Build Plate
by Brad Ruff

GeckoTek is the first 3D printer build plate developed with a permanent coating specifically designed for 3D printing

GeckoTek is the first 3D Printer build plate with a permanent coating that is scientifically developed for 3D printing. We developed the GeckoTek Build Plate to be high performance, versatile, cost-effective, and super simple to use. It’s the perfect product for anyone who is tired of using tape or glue to get their parts to stick to the print bed.
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Introducing GeckoTek, first scientifically formulated print bed for 3d printers

The GeckoTek Build Plate is a new innovation for low cost Fused Filament 3D Printers. Most people still use Kapton Tape, Blue tape, hair spray, or ABS dissolved in acetone to help keep the extruded plastic stuck to the build platform. The biggest problem is that these products are not intended for this use and therefore are not ideal.
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Introducing the GeckoTek 3D Printer Build Plate

The GeckoTek Build Plate is the first print bed with a scientifically formulated coating that is developed specifically for desktop 3D printing. It is extremely durable and works with nearly all FFF 3D printers and filaments.

Visit www.GeckoTek3d.com for more details on the up coming Kickstarter campaign.
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