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Not Your Grandfather’s Trepanning – 3D Printing Makes Complex Facial and Skull Surgeries More Effective

Trepanning was once the front line treatment for various ailments from seizures to skull fractures to brain disorders. It was pretty grisly stuff, but the work of scientists and medical professionals with 3D printing is now making current facial and brain surgery techniques safer, and better planned, than the old “drill a hole in the head and see what happens” methods of the past.
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3D Printed Models by Osteo3d Help Surgeons Remove Tumors From Indian Man’s Jaw

With innovations like 3D printed surgical models from Osteo3d, patients can have a return to a quality of life they may have given up on or never knew at all, as well as cosmetic benefits that help them psychologically. Doctors also receive the benefit of extremely helpful 3D models that can reduce some of the extreme challenge — not to mention stress — in completing very intricate contouring and implantation procedures.
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Cosmetic Surgeon 3D Prints Incredible Before and After Masks for a Rhinoplasty Patient

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that reshapes the nose. It can be done either for appearance or, in some cases, to correct a deviated septum. It’s commonly referred to as a “nose job” and is associated in the minds of many with efforts by the rich and famous to achieve what they believe is perfection. In a recently released video, after a melodramatic introduction, a Turkish plastic surgeon demonstrates the way that 3-D printing can contribute to the art of body sculpting.
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3d Printing in Rhinoplasty by Dr. Yakup AVŞAR

First 3d print technology in Aesthetic Surgery and Rhinoplasty. http://www.dravsar.com
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Chinese man who lost half of his skull after fall will have it rebuilt with 3D printed mesh

Today is a very special day for the 46-year-old Hu from Beijing, China. For, some ten months after a horrible accident that left him several disabled and unable to speak or write, he will undergo surgery to repair his skull and to start regeneration of his severely damaged brain tissue. Crucially, a titanium mesh cover will be placed on his brain, that was especially printed using 3D printing technology.
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