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NEA 3D Printer Launches on Indiegogo — Affordably Priced in 3 Different Sizes

Back in January at CES I was able to meet the team behind a company called NEA, who were working on a new series of stylish and affordable 3D printers. Immediately my attention was drawn to the sleek, stylish design and several size options that the company had made available. Although these machines were not being offered to the public at the time, the Toronto-based company assured us that they would be launching a crowdfunding campaign later in the year.
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NEA 3D Printers – Stylish & Upgradeable Printers for Beginners and Pros

Hi We’re on INDIEGOGO!
We are NEA 3D.
And we are committed to building a new experience for makers, innovators, builders, educators and designers.
With decades of combined legacy in Creative Design, Technology, Innovation, and Community, we are committed to bringing to you the world’s most advanced, affordable 3D printer.
Which one is right for you?
Check out our website to learn how to grab our printers at an amazing cost
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OPAM (One-Piece All-Metal) Water-Cooled Hot End Launches on Indiegogo

Anyone who has worked with a 3D printer understands the struggle of dealing with watching a print suddenly and without warning fail right before your eyes. Be it a slightly out of alignment axis, incorrect printing temperature, flawed g code or the looming and inevitable filament jam in the hot end, it is never fun watching hours of work explode into a mess of wasted filament. Not only is your time valuable, but let’s be real, 3D printing filament is not cheap.
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OPAM Hot End

This is an introduction video of the OPAM (One Piece All Metal) Hot End. It is designed to extrude 3D filaments at temperatures of up to 350°C. It is capable of printing ABS, PLA, PC-ABS and much more!
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3D Printed Honeycombs Allow Beekeepers to Get Honey “On Tap” — Over $12 Million Raised on Indiegogo

A friend of mine knows a nearby beekeeper from whom we can get some great, fresh, local honey, which I use to liven up my tea…and smoothies, desserts, and a variety of other treats that could use that nice, sweet touch. Local honey is not only tasty and ecologically sound, but it also has the benefit of adding fortifications against pollens in the area that add to seasonal allergies.
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3D Printed Beehive Lets Bees Mind Their Own Beeswax

A father/son duo in Australia has invented a new „flow hive“ that allows beekeepers to extract honey without disrupting the bees themselves.
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Bench Test Flow Frame

We pulled this frame out of a Flow™ Hive just to show you how it works up close. Note. It’s not necessary to remove the Flow™ frames from the hive to harvest the honey…

More at http://www.honeyflow.com buy, pledge and support Flow™ on Indiegogo here https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/fl…
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Alligator Board — Professional 3D Printer Control Board Launches on Indiegogo

In the last two to three years we have seen an explosion within the RepRap community with all sorts of new designs for 3D printable 3D printers. As the number of potential machines grow, nearly exponentially, so does the need for components for those printers.
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Alligator Board – Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign

The Alligator Board is designed to be a complete and reliable solution as RepRap 3D printer electronic
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Fun 3D printed racing game 3DRacers launches crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo

Despite all the ingenious 3D printable parts and accessories you can find on the web nowadays, I think its quite safe to say that the majority of desktop 3D printers are being used to print fun little toys. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.
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We are now on Indiegogo:
A fully customizable racing game with mobile app and Open Hardware. 3D Print service included.
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Roller Printer — Quality Delta Robot 3D Printer Launches on Indiegogo

While new 3D printers are rolling out seemingly daily, or at least crowdfunding projects to hopefully fund them are, buyers need to make an educated decision as to which machine best suits their needs, as well as their price range. When it comes to a crowdfunding campaign, there is a lot of uncertainty involved from the start.
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Roller Printer: prints your dreams real! Now in 3d 🙂 Indiegogo campaign

Roller Printer is a technologically advanced 3D printer, which redefines three-dimensional forming. Join us on indiegogo.com!
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