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Mai 6, 2015 - 3D-Druck News

„3D-Drucker sind ein Quantensprung“ – Astronaut Alexander Gerst im Interview

Wer in den Weltraum will, muss ein Stück weit Maker sein: Streikt in der Internationalen Raumstation mal die Technik, ist das Improvisationstalent der Crew gefragt – einen Klempner oder Elektriker kann man schließlich nicht mal eben hochbeamen. Wir sprachen mit dem frisch von der ISS heimgekehrten Astronauten Alexander Gerst über das Löten in der Schwerelosigkeit, die Rolle von 3D-Druckern und Espressomaschinen in der bemannten Raumfahrt und die Gemeinsamkeiten zwischen der Raumstation und dem Amateurfunker-Bastelkeller seines Großvaters.
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Apr 27, 2015 - 3D-Druck News

Interview with Voxel8 Co-Founder Daniel Oliver – Are 3D Printed Batteries & Sensors Next?

At CES 2015, one company within the 3D printing space really stood out. Their name was Voxel8, and what they had come up with had the international media buzzing. Voxel8, a company which was formed as an offshoot of Harvard Professor Jennifer A. Lewis’ ‘Lewis Group‘, allows for the printing of conductive traces within 3D printed objects. The current Voxel8 printer, which is available for pre-order at just $8,999, has the ability to print using thermoplastics and conductive inks within the same object.
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Apr 27, 2015 - 3D-Druck News

Clément Moreau, CEO & Co-Founder of Sculpteo, Discusses 3D Printing’s Future and His Vision for the Company

While many analysts believe that 3D printers will eventually be within nearly every home, sort of like a microwave is now, we are not quite there yet. Sales of desktop 3D printers are not exactly blowing anyone away. In fact, in 2014 fewer than 250,000 3D printers were sold globally, and while this number is expected to double annually over the next five years, there will still be billions of people around the world who do not have access to such a machine.
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Apr 25, 2015 - 3D-Druck News

Interview with Zoe Dai – Designer of Incredible 3D Printed High Heel Shoes

3D printing and fashion are beginning to converge as designers around the world are starting to see the potential that the technology provides for making completely custom clothing and accessories which fit the wearer to a T. One such designer, is a woman named Zoe Jia-Yu Dai, who has recently released her latest shoe collection, titled “Breaking the 3D Mould”. Her designs combine more traditional shoe making methods with the modern day technology of 3D printing. We recently had the opportunity to interview Dai, and ask her about what goes into creating such a unique produce.
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Bioprinting Solutions & Dreams: an Interview with 3D Bio’s Dr. Vladimir Mironov

This was may day so far: I wrote about an amazing new development in the adoption of 3D printing for surgery in Italy, an incredible new 3D printing technology developed by a graduate student in Buffalo, and a stunning “smart doll” created by a self-described gaijin (non-Japanese person) in Japan. Only a couple of years ago, this would be science fiction. Instead, to top it off, here I am enjoying the sunset with a Campari Spritz, writing about my interview with Vladimir Mironov, the scientist behind most of the work at Russia’s 3D Bioprinting Solutions (3D Bio for short).
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Apr 8, 2015 - 3D-Druck News

Interview with Carbon3D Executive Rob Schoeben — Even Faster 3D Printing on the Way

March was a huge month, not only for the 3D printing industry, but for the entire technology sector in general, as a wave of innovation swept over the already established 3D printing companies to make way for a startup. On March 16, the Redwood City, California-based company, Carbon3D, emerged from stealth mode to unveil what many are calling one of the most exciting 3D printing advancements we have seen in years.
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Apr 7, 2015 - 3D-Druck News

Vom Kopf in die Realität

Isabelle Vloemans: Das ‹Tec Lab› entstand vor zwei Jahren auf dem Höhepunkt des Hypes rund um das 3D-Drucken. 3D-Drucker sind mittlerweile «normal» – wie bleibt das ‹Tec Lab› vorne dabei, wenn es im Design um digitale Fabrikation geht?
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