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Create FULLY WORKING PRODUCTS with your 3D Printer

Create FULLY WORKING PRODUCTS with your 3D printer
von Buzz Technology Limited

Now available as a retrofit option for existing 3D printers for just £165 (~$250).

The recent launch of new multi-material upgrades for existing 3D printers has enabled us to make our proprietary technology as a retrofit option for existing 3D printers.

The kit is available for the Rostock Max v1 is available now. Additional development and testing is required for before we launch kits for other popular Cartesian and Delta printers, so these will follow in a separate Kickstarter later this summer. Please let us know your printer type if you would be interested in adding fully functioning product assembly to your printer.
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MoonRay, The UV DLP 3D Printer is Launched on Kickstarter by SprintRay

Last October we reported on a startup company called SprintRay and the launch of their StarRay SLA 3D printer. Since then I have had the opportunity of meeting with Amir Mansouri, co-founder of the company, at various expos and conferences, and have to say I’m thoroughly impressed by what they have been able to accomplish.
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MoonRay – World’s Best Desktop 3D Printer
von SprintRay

Meet the 3D Printer you have been waiting for, one that doesn’t compromise on anything.

The desktop 3D printers on the market today fall into two groups: expensive and high resolution or less expensive but with sub-standard printing quality. We designed the MoonRay to bridge this gap and bring high-quality printing capabilities to an affordable desktop 3D printing unit.

We tapped the top engineering, 3D printing and industrial design talent to create the MoonRay, a printer that combines high printing resolution, a small and sleek form factor and a price tag that’s within reach for artists, designers, businesses and hobbyists who are serious about creating high-quality, 3D-printed projects.
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3D Model Moving Objects — xxArray 3D Capture Launches on Kickstarter

Although most of us have plenty to say, our world is extremely visually based. With code and computer programs hidden in the background, technology is front and center with enormous visual allure. And today, you are dwelling in the dark ages if you aren’t involved with social media and exerting an internet presence of some sort.
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xxArray: A digital revolution built entirely around you
von BlueVishnu

xxArray 3D Capture Tour offers access to 3D avatars, personalized rewards and a developer’s kit for creation of custom applications.

We’re taking our 90+ camera 3D body studio on tour to capture you in ultra high detail, and produce a 3D avatar of your likeness. There is a whole universe unfolding for the digital explorer and your digital avatar is your passport in.
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xxArray Kickstarter – Art of the Avatar Teaser: V2 (With Reactions)

xxArray Kickstarter – Art of the Avatar Teaser: V2 (With Reactions) from alexxhenry on Vimeo.

(Quelle: Vimeo)

An Adjustable Resolution 3D Print Head?

Peter Mann and Nick McGibbon are a design and prototyping team with extensive backgrounds in CAD, materials testing, application manufacturing, product design, 3D milling and 3D printing, and they’ve created the xHead Extruder, what they call the world’s first adjustable resolution print head.
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3d printer xHead extruder
von Peter Mann and Nick McGibbon

The World’s First Adjustable Resolution Print Head!

The Story Behind

Our names are Peter Mann and Nick McGibbon and we are creators of the xHead extruder

The xHead was designed to address specific problems associated with 3d printing. Namely, the hassle of fixed resolutions, head cleaning, clogged nozzles and messy tape on the heater block.

Rather then waste time complaining, we simply decided to solve the issues we raised. From the initial concept to the first prototype, the xHead surpassed both our expectations. We were so happy with the results, we immediately filed a provisional patent for our invention.
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3D Printed Rocket Engine Project Goes to The Next Level With Ignus Engine & Kickstarter

The students who are building the Ignus 3D printed rocket engine say it will be “bigger, better, but a completely different design compared to our original Tri-D engine.”
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Vulcan I: Rocket Powered by 3D Printed Engine

Team of undergraduates racing to be the first student organization to successfully launch a rocket powered by a 3D-printed engine.

The Vulcan-1 engine is a bigger, better, but completely different design compared to our original Tri-D engine. We were the first students in the world to design, print, and test a 3D printed rocket engine, and now we are going bigger! The Vulcan-1 will be placed into the rocket body and launched in June making us both the first student organization to do so as well as the record holders for highest flight of a rocket powered by a 3D printed engine.
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