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Aluminum & Steel 3D Printer Filaments On Their Way — Sinterhard Launches Kickstarter Campaign

The Sinterhard team, based in Massachusetts, is a mid-sized group of engineers of nearly every type, from software engineers to electrical engineers. Headed up by Bill Novacs, who holds a multitude of advanced degrees (including engineering), and considers himself a ‘maker,’ this group is on a clear path to transform not only the manufacturing of industrial parts, but more specifically, they are transforming it on the 3D printing level with a new filament: Sinterhard Metal Filled Filament.
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Sinterhard Metal Filled Filaments for 3D Printing
by Bill Kovacs

SINTERHARD METAL FILLED 3D Printer Filaments for printing Industrial Stainless Steel and Aluminum parts similar to MIM Processes

We plan to produce ABS and PLA plastic filaments, mixed with either powdered 316 Stainless Steel or Aluminum, for use in existing 3D filament printers.The 3D Printer will replace the Plastic Injection Molding Machine in the Metal Injection Molding [MIM] process, and later with Oxide and non-Oxide ceramic filled filaments in the Ceramic Injection Molding Process [CIM]. The MIM and CIM processes currently produce $1.6 Billion Dollars of intricate small industrial metal and ceramic parts

The Sinterhard Metal Filled Filaments will enable people to print items that are furnace ready to debind and sinter into solid sintered metal objects. In selecting 316 Stainless Steel and Aluminum powders, we are starting with two of the most common metals that are in use making parts with the current industrial MIM process. They have a moderate sinter temperature [316 Stainless Steel ] and a low sinter temperature [Aluminum ] as a starting point. These metals cover a large range in commercial applications and are available in the fine mesh size we need to insure a high quality 3 D Printed part.
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Solderdoodle Cordless 3D Print Finishing Tool Launches on Kickstarter

Isaac Porras grew up in San Jose, California and earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from San Jose State University.
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Cordless 3D Print Finishing Tool
by Isaac Porras

New hot knife, needle, and scooper attachments to remove 3D Print defects! Recharge from a USB port! Replaceable tips. Easy-to-use!

What is a Cordless 3D Print Finishing Tool?

This campaign introduces new attachments for a hot knife, needle, and scooper for Solderdoodle Pro, which converts it in to a portable, cordless, USB rechargeable 3D print finishing tool. Solderdoodle Pro was originally a portable soldering iron with the ability to last at full power for over a half hour above 800ºF, over 2 hours above 500ºF, and charge from a USB port. Below is a link for my original Open Source Hardware Solderdoodle Kickstarter project:
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X3D Launches Kickstarter Campaign for the Genesis 3D Printer — Starting at Just $199

Last week, we covered a company called X3D Machines, which had planned on launching a Kickstarter campaign for their Genesis line of 3D printers, starting at a price of just $249. Today we have some good news, and some better news, as X3D upheld their promise of launching their project on April 1, and on top of that, they added in a bit of a pleasant surprise.
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Genesis 3D Printer: Exceeding Every Expectation
by X3D Machines

The Genesis Uno and Duo bring you large print volumes, easy use, and quality prints at a record-low price tag!

Just like you, we waited patiently for an easy to use 3D printer that could meet all of our creative needs. Finally, our team of engineers, makers, and designers, were able to identify ground breaking ways to reduce manufacturing cost while proving high quality performance. So here it is the 3D printer everybody across globe has been waiting for!
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Retouch3D is a Heated Interchangeable Tool for Cleaning Up 3D Printed Objects – Now on Kickstarter

I have a confession to make, a confession that may cause me to lose some respect among 3D printing enthusiasts… I only 3D print objects on my 3D printer that require no support material. Yes it’s true, I’m lazy and I hate having to clean up anything that comes off of my 3D printer.
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Retouch3D: A brand new way to finish 3D prints.
by 3D 2.0 Inc

World’s first heated tool to finish 3D prints with variable heat and interchangeable heads designed for specific 3D retouching tasks.

Until you own a 3D printer, what you don’t realize is that removing supports and getting rid of printing errors sucks! We figured that if heat created a 3D print; then heat would be the best way to clean-up a 3D print. So, after experimenting with soldering irons, heated wax tools, blow torches, powered grinders and other scary equipment; we arrived at Retouch3D:
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Tiko Unibody 3D Printer Launches on Kickstarter Starting at Just $99

Two weeks ago we did a story on an Ontario, Canada-based company, Tiko3D who promised to launch a brand new 3D printer which was affordable to almost anyone. With a promise to price the machine at $179 and soon launch on Kickstarter, we had flashbacks from last year when a number of incredibly cheap machines launched crowdfunding campaigns only to close up shop before their campaigns even got off the ground.
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Tiko – The Unibody 3D Printer
by Tiko 3D

Tiko is the 3D printer you’ve been waiting for. Simple, accessible, and dependable, all for a pledge of $179.

As inventors, we use 3D printers all the time. We love 3D printing and all the doors it opens, but we don’t like our printers. It seems like every day something jams, breaks, shifts, or fails. Even when our printers do work, they need fine-tuning to print well. All in all, we probably spend more time working on our printers than on our inventions.

Sure, there are some high-end machines out there that consistently work well—but why do they have to be so expensive?

Go into a store with $179 and see what you can get. A microwave, a mini-fridge, a vacuum, etc. All of these products are pretty complicated, and no one expects them to require fixing every week. We believe a 3D printer shouldn’t be any different.

That’s why we designed Tiko.
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Protect Your Health, Avoid Germs with the 3D Printed „GermAvoid Clean Touch,“ on Kickstarter

How much time do you spend worrying about the terror of disgusting, unspeakable microscopic germs swimming and crawling on everyday items?
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GERMAVOID Clean Touch Kickstarter Video

The GERMAVOID Clean Touch is the FIRST and ONLY product that allows you to touch GERMY public surfaces WITHOUT touching ALL the GERMS!! „Don’t touch it when you can AVOID it!“
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3DFormer Pen Launches on Kickstarter

Dim3printing LLC, based in Austin, TX, has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their 3DFormer Pen. It’s a 3D printing technology-engined pen which draws 3D models in the air, and the company says it features “easy-to-use, easy gripping, precision movement.”
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3DFormer: A Pen Draws 3D Models in Air Instantaneously
by 3DFormer Team from Dim3printing LLC.

3DFormer is the world’s only 3D pen adopted in the classroom arts education for 2.5+ hours non-stop drawing – no frustration!

3DFormer™: Drawing 3D Models Instantaneously in Air

3DFormer™ works like a pen. It is invented for everyone who enjoys making and designing 3D models. We made this simpler than ever by implementing the state-of-the art 3D printing technology into a pen.

No fan noise, no button on the top, no painful gripping, no long filament stick-out strand, no stop of use in one hour or two, and no filaments clogging. Tracing your imagination in the air, 3DFormer™ draws smooth lines with colorful plastic filaments which stand still instantaneously following your movement.
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3DFormer in Action: Making a Pair of Glasses using 3DFormer

Playing with 3DFormer is fun, here is how you can make a pair of glasses and surprise kiddos!
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Stepcraft 2 — An All-in-One 3D Printer, CNC Mill, Hot Wire Cutter, & More — Launches on Kickstarter

Last year it seemed like every week we covered another company trying to outdo the others within the industry by creating the most affordable 3D printer possible. This year we are seeing another trend, though. For the most part, individuals who are in the market for desktop 3D printers are those who would describe themselves as ‘makers.’
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Stepcraft 2: Universal Desktop CNC/3D Printer For Everyone
by Stepcraft Inc.

Stepcraft is the World’s first universal desktop CNC solution. Turn your ideas into reality – CNC milling, 3D Printing and much more!

Stepcraft 2 is the world’s first universal desktop CNC solution designed to turn your ideas into reality. It is the only machine that can Mill, Carve, Engrave, 3D Print, work as a Vinyl/Craft Cutter, Plot and more…
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Kickstarter: Pancakebot druckt Eierkuchen

Eierkuchen oder Pfannkuchen: Egal wie die Mehlspeise lokal genannt wird, der Pancakebot druckt sie auf eine heiße Platte in der gewünschten Form aus. Möglich macht das ein Mechanismus, der an einen 3D-Drucker erinnert und per SD-Karte gesteuert werden kann. Wer will, kann die Entwicklung mitfinanzieren.
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A New 3D Printer Nozzle for Chocolate?

A Kickstarter campaign is attempting to raise funds to engineer a nozzle specifically to 3D print chocolate.
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Chocolate Printhead for Open Source 3D Printer
by SunP Biotech
3D print chocolate from your own 3D printer!
3D printers are rapidly becoming the method of choice for the fabrication of an amplitude of objects. This includes, but is not limited to, jewelry, phone cases, children toys, and even tissue/organ replacements. The issue with today’s 3D printers are that the fabrication/print head cannot print food products, i.e. chocolate.
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