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First 3D Printed Album?

A new Kickstarter project proposes to “create the first album recorded entirely on 3D printed instruments.”
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The First 3D Printed Album
by Buddha and the Cornbread

Buddha and the Cornbread wants to create the first album recorded entirely on 3D printed instruments.

The year was nineteen-dickety-two. Saddam Hussein was marching across the plains of Scotland, and only one band could put a stop to it: Led Zeppelin. Unfortunately, they were unavailable due to food poisoning, so the government sent Buddha and the Cornbread. They were defeated horribly, but they got to eat Chipotle so it was okay. After all this trouble and turmoil, Buddha and the Cornbread decided to sit down and write 2 EPs and one full-length album, which can be found at buddhacornbread.bandcamp.com. Buddha and the Cornbread were trying to come up with an idea for their fourth album, when Cornbread stumbled upon the blueprints for a 3D printed ukulele. The gang decided to create the first-ever 3D printed album- but there was one problem. They had spent all their samolians on Pokemon cards and Twinkies. So they turned to the greatest hero of all… Crowdsourcing.
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3D printed, open-source humanoid robot PLEN2 launches on Kickstarter

Pop culture is full of terrifying and apocalyptic images of a future controlled by merciless and destructive robots, from the Terminator to the Matrix’s Sentinels. Yet one Japanese company wants to re-imagine and re-humanize robotic technology by introducing the irresistibly cute (and surprisingly functional) PLEN2, a customizable 3D printed humanoid robot, which has already raised more than $18,000 on Kickstarter.
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PLEN2, the world’s first printable open-source humanoid.
by PLEN Project Committee

PLEN2 guides you to the advanced technology world and help you grow. Anyone can easily build and personalize it.

PLEN2 is a robot kit consisting control boards, servomotors and accessories that you can put together yourself. You do not need any technical knowledge and special tools. What you need to build this robot is just a screwdriver. When you complete it, PLEN2 is approx.7.87in tall and weighs approx.21.16ozwith 18 joints and it is highly maneuverable.
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Mrz 14, 2015 - 3D-Druck News, 3D-Drucker

re:3D Turns to Kickstarter to Help Crowdfund & CrowdSource Their Open Gigabot 3D Printer

Nearly two years ago, a small company based in Austin Texas called re:3D launched a very large 3D printer on Kickstarter. Called the Gigabot, this machine wasn’t only large in size, but also feature rich. Able to build objects which were up to 30 times that of traditional desktop 3D printers at the time, the price was anything but traditional.
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PancakeBot Food Printer Blows Past Goal on Kickstarter!

Regardless of how you feel about eating 3D printed food, and no matter how much everyone wants the r—-ator from Star Trek, PankcakeBot is showing that there is serious interest in making and eating 3D printed food.
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PancakeBot – The world’s first pancake printer!
by StoreBound

Don’t just make pancakes. Create them! Introducing PancakeBot – The coolest addition to your kitchen. *Batter not included

The PancakeBot™ allows you to “print” out pancakes into just about any design you can imagine. It’s easy, REALLY fun, and you don’t need an art degree (or a culinary one) to do it! 

Designed to inspire, entertain, and bring out the creativity in both young and old at home, the PancakeBot is also a product with commercial durability to help your brand make a lasting impression and draw in more customers.
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Dim3printing’s 3DFormer 3D printing pen is coming to Kickstarter, starting at only $40

Texan 3D printer manufacturer Dim3printing announced the pre-production release of its Dim3W Smart 3D Printing Pen last year. Same as the successful 3D printing pen 3Doodler, The Dim3W pen integrates the same FDM 3D printing technology and allows users to sketch an ABS or PLA plastic 3D objects in free space.
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3DFormer: A Pen Draws 3D Models in Air Instantaneously
by 3DFormer Team from Dim3printing LLC.

3DFormer creates 3D artworks instantaneous by simply drawing in the air.

3DFormer™: Drawing 3D Models Instantaneously in Air

3DFormer™ works like a pen. It is invented for everyone who enjoys making and designing 3D models. We made this simpler than ever by implementing the state-of-the art 3D printing technology into a pen.

No fan noise, no button on the top, no painful gripping, no long filament stick-out strand, no stop of use in one hour or two, and no filaments clogging. Tracing your imagination in the air, 3DFormer™ draws smooth lines with colorful plastic filaments which stand still instantaneously following your movement.
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BoXZY, The Desktop MakerSpace — All-in-one 3D Printer, Mill & Laser Engraver Launches on Kickstarter

b2If last year was the year in which we saw affordability introduced into the consumer 3D printing space via dozens of crowdfunding campaigns, 2015 is the year of the all-in-one hybrid 3D printers.
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BoXZY Rapid-Change FabLab: Mill, Laser engraver, 3D Printer
by Justin and Joel Johnson

Rapidly transforms into 3 kinds of machines: CNC mill, 3D printer & laser engraver while enhancing precision & power with ballscrews

Introducing BoXZY, the most versatile desktop fabrication device on the market. We built BoXZY so you can do more, better. This triple-threat tool combines a 3D Printer, CNC Mill, and Laser Engraver ­in one compact cube. By utilizing the quick-change heads, any maker can shape a block of aluminum, hardwood, or plastic into intricate designs; 3D print complex plastic shapes; or laser engrave into objects made of wood, leather or plastic.
BoXZY’s is an extremely robust maker space that rapidly becomes what you need when you need it. Simply slide one attachment out and slide another in without any compromise in precision. To power all these tools and create BoXZY’s 4 micron resolution, BoXZY drives all 3 axes with industrial ballscrews, which are firmly nested in BoXZY’s sleek, black anodized aluminum body.
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RenderBot 3D Printer Kit Offers All-Metal Hot End & Large Build Volume at $299 — Launched on Kickstarter

The RenderBot team, motivated by their own experiences in purchasing equipment, makes it clear they set out to produce a unique 3D printer that would impress on several levels.
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RenderBot 3D Printer
by RenderBot

A high quality, inexpensive, and easy to build 3D printer for the beginner and professional alike.

The RenderBot Story

Most 3D printers are created with a focus on cramming a variety of components into them while maintaining a low price point, giving them the illusion of higher functionality. In reality, this amounts to a printer with very little functionality and a bunch of parts that stop working after a month, costing you a lot of extra money in the end. After experiencing this problem firsthand with a different Kickstarter 3D Printer, we set out to change that trend.
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Incredibly Simplistic „Creation Station“ 3D Printer & 3Dit Software Launch on Kickstarter

Nothing can be more frustrating than purchasing a 3D printer only to find yourself dumbfounded by the hardware and software knowledge required to run it that you might not possess. As we’ve mentioned so many times before, one of the major obstacles to widespread adoption of 3D printing is the fact that the software and hardware can be difficult to set up and use.
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the instructional video to Anvil 3D Creation Center

It’s the first LEGO-like designing software created for 3D printing!!!
(Quelle: Youtube)

Anvil 3D Creation Center: 3D Print your lifestyle!
by Anvil Technology

A desktop 3D Creating Center with a filament Auto-Loading 3D printer and a LEGO-like designing software, with an affordable price.

We penetrated a 3D printer of 3D System into our Video above from 50s to 54s in order to pay our respect to all the pioneers.

Anvil has been trying to bring the idea that 3D creating center including, a filament Auto-Loading printer and the LEGO-like designing software, to life. This set of package will generate a new definition of Easy-to-Use. We no longer need to learn to use 3D model building, or download 3D models. Besides, the filament Auto-Loading section will free you from the waste of time of threading the filament that others take upon. You can get your 3D printer reloaded just like inserting a cassette.
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