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Stacker 3D Kickstarter Campaign Is Live!

Most commercial 3D printers are slow and expensive. This is about to change. Today, we are pleased to introduce STACKER, the first of its kind, high speed, multi-part, commercial-grade 3D printer, all for an affordable cost.
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STACKER – A New Kind of Commercial 3D Printer

An affordable commercial-grade 3D printer, offering high speed, large build volume, and specially designed for composite filaments.


Most commercial 3D printers are slow and expensive. This is about to change. Today, we are pleased to introduce STACKER, the first of its kind, high speed, multi-part, commercial-grade 3D printer, all for an affordable cost.
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Pebble Time smartwatch with 3D print customization launches on Kickstarter, reaches $8m in 1 day

At this point, it’s safe to say that California-startup Pebble and Kickstarter campaigns go together like peanut butter and jam. The smartwatch developing company founded by Eric Migicovksy launched their second record-breaking Kickstarter campaign yesterday, reaching their $500,000 goal within 20 minutes, and over $8 million in funding in one day.
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Fun 3D printed modular toy set Gear Time launches on Kickstarter

That 3D printers are great for manufacturing toys hardly needs repeating, but sadly most of them basic solid objects that today’s kids quickly get bored of. While you could of course construct one of the many 3D printable robots that populate the web nowadays, Go Time from Tennessee has been relying on 3D printing technology to develop a fun game with a theoretically endless replay value.
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Gear Time – Modular Gear Blocks
by Hoyt Jolly
Gear Time is a 3D printed mechanical block set comprised of interlocking frame parts, gears and axle bits.

We have created a modular gear kit for fun mechanical exploration and building. Help us buy an injection mold by pre ordering your own Gear Time kits or by donating Gear Time kits to you local school, museum or hospital!
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3D Printer Program for High School by Jason B. Hilbun

We have seen many Kickstarter campaigns for 3d printers before, but 3D Printer Program for High School is something new and never seen before. 3d printing is the best technology that each and every student must learn to improve their skill level in creating extraordinary objects using 3d printers.
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3D Printer Program for High School
by Jason B. Hilbun
We plan to distribute a FULL educational 3D printer program which includes a 3D printer, materials, and a curriculum for High Schoolers

This project is very simple – get todays youth interested in something productive again!!

Today’s generation, (for the most part anyway), seem to have very little self-motivation, goal building skills, or desire to be great! The reason may very well be that there is not a lot to draw the interests of today High School students as they begin to prepare for life in the real world.
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Rhino 3D Printer, An Industrial Printer at a Consumer-level Price, Hits Kickstarter

Without a doubt their is an overwhelming number of 3D printers which have come to market over the last couple of years, leading many potential buyers to have to face quite a difficult decision; determining which printer has the best bang for their buck.
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Rhino Industrial Grade 3D Printer

An industrial grade, all metal 3D printer with heated chamber

The Story Behind

My name is Mohsen and I am a PhD candidate in Robotics Engineering. About a year ago while working as a designer, I printed many prototypes on different 3D printers with price ranges from 500 to 10,000$.

Unfortunately the low cost printers were not reliable, they were slower and since the temperature of the print area was not controlled the parts lacked consistency and durability.
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3D printed CogniToys smart dinosaur powered by IBM Watson can talk to your kids

It’s already widely known that 3D printing technology is perfect for creating fun little toys and accessories, and even the occasional robot. But a complete and intelligent cognitive learning toy that makes Furby’s look like some cheap knock-off? Surely that can’t be 3D printed. Well it has, and you can get one for your child by late 2015.
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CogniToys: Internet-connected Smart Toys that Learn and Grow
by Elemental Path

We bring toys to life with speech and a personality, allowing them to interactively engage and grow with a child.

Recognizing a clear gap in truly smart educational toys, we set out on a journey to redefine the way kids play with their favorite toys. We’ve built a patent pending technology that allows kids to directly engage in intelligent conversation with their toys. The technology allows toys to listen, speak and simultaneously evolve, learn and grow with your child; bringing a new element of personalized, educational play to children.
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STACKER to Launch Kickstarter Campaign for Extremely Modular and Unique New 3D Printer

When most people seek a new 3D printer, the most important aspect that they are typically looking for is a machine that is built around a philosophy which puts quality first. Today, most really high quality commercial grade 3D printers are priced in ranges which are well beyond the budget of a typical consumer. This may all be able to change though.
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STACKER…A New Kind of 3D Printer

STACKER…A New Kind of 3D Printer from STACKER on Vimeo.

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