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Voltera V-One 3D Circuit Board Printer Launches on Kickstarter

The emergence of 3D printing has changed the way thousands of companies and individuals look at prototyping. Instead of outsourcing a project to be prototyped, then having to wait weeks or even months for the part to be produced, 3D printers have managed to allow individuals and small businesses to bring the prototyping process in-house.
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Voltera: Your Circuit Board Prototyping Machine
by Voltera

Print your circuit boards, dispense solder paste, and reflow! The Voltera V-One lets you go from concept to creation in minutes.

About this project

Building hardware sucks! Whenever we wanted to create a circuit board for an electronics project, we were forced to mess around with dangerous chemicals or send it to a fab house and wait for weeks for the board to arrive.

The Voltera V-One can create a prototype board right from your work bench. Gerber files go in; FR4 boards come out. The magic happens in the middle… the printer lays down a conductive ink to create the traces and an insulating ink as a mask between layers.
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Designer Kostas Metaxas is Offering an Upscale 3D Printed Pen on Kickstarter

Kostas Metaxas is a designer, magazine editor and publisher, and a filmmaker and producer who covers fashion, design, gastronomy, and the arts.
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Black Velvet Ink Fountain and Rollerball Pen
by Kostas Metaxas

A Limited Edition, individually numbered and signed Ink Fountain Pen or Rollerball Pen Sculpture by Kostas Metaxas


A fountain pen is one of those rare objects. It connects with us on so many levels. In our most creative mode, it is an extension of our mind which through gestures of our hand convert random thoughts into intelligible concepts, ideas or expressions.
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3DT Labs Launches Kickstarter Campaign for Q 3D Printer

The Q is a 3D printer with all the cool factor you could possibly want — including the price tag. Featuring aesthetics and quality, along with affordability, the creators of the Q promise you ease.
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“ Q “ The complete 3D Printing system
by 3DT Labs

3D Printing should be easy, the Q system gives you a great printer with amazing design software for a great price.

We love 3D printing and the possibilities it provides.

Creating your own ideas is what 3D Printing is all about. Users are sometimes stuck printing other objects than the ones they created. The software to make things can be expensive and hard to learn. So not only did we create a world class 3D Printer, the Q, we also created a 3D Design program that is easy to use, in fact if you can use modeling clay you can use Eureka. The best part is that Eureka comes with the Q printer and will take you almost no time to learn and be a real 3D object maker.
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i-Solids On Kickstarter to Finance Virtual 3D Printer Rental And Printing Service

Kason Knight and the team at i-SOLIDS say they’re a small group of enthusiasts who share a common interest and have a diverse array of knowledge and skills in the 3D printing sphere, and they’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign to build a community-driven, 3D printing service they say is unlike any other.
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i-SOLIDS: Creative Control
by i-SOLIDS Group

We are creating an environment that changes the way consumers are able to affordably create, share, and enjoy professional 3D prints.


i-SOLIDS is a community driven 3D printing service that is unlike any other. We have done our best to summarize the key aspects of this project but we hope that you will also visit our site, i-solids.com, where you can find additional details and FAQs. Thank you for taking the time to learn about and considering support for our vision.
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Thingystock, the Delta 3D Printer That’s Expandable, Launches on Kickstarter

By far the most popular Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D printers on the market are those which utilize a Cartesian-based platform. This is likely a result of two main factors. First off, the printers are easily expandable in all directions if the manufacturer desires to do so. Secondly, the Cartesian model is easy to understand compared to other methods of FFF printing.
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Thingystock – The Expandable, open Delta 3D Printer
by Matt and Alyssa Wahlers
The Thingystock 3D Printer is a fully printable, open source delta style printer with an expandable build volume.

About this project

The Thingystock 3D Printer was first designed as a personal printer: one with as many 3D Printed parts as possible and that is fully expandable in the future. To do this, I decided to base it off of the amazing Rostock idea by Johann. The printer went together flawlessly and worked perfectly, so I decided to do a small scale launch of it, the perfect medium for which was Kickstarter! If it goes past the funding goal, great! If it doesn’t reach it I will still release the files online for everyone to print! Be sure to check out the Thingybot website for more pictures of the printer and some print examples!
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Thingystock Delta 3D Printer Printing Pikachu

The Thingystock is a Delta style printer that I designed. It is an open design and will be available for download soon!
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GP3D launches simple and affordable 3D printer „Root“ on Kickstarter

As if choosing your first 3D printer wasn’t hard enough already. A brand new device, that is above all looking decent and affordable, has just been launched by company GP3D: the Root desktop 3D printer. But one of the machine’s biggest perks? It can be delivered within 3 months from now.
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GP3D : Root – Reliable Full Metal Body 3D Printer
by GP3D

Root is an affordable, easy to use, compact desktop 3D Printer that does not limit the imagination of its users.

About this project

Are you frustrated with over promised and under delivered kickstarters? Do you want to create „things“ you have imagined? Do you want to be an owner of an affordable and simple 3D printer that you won’t be frustrated with? Root is the answer.
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ROOT Features

This video is about Root Features 1
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3D Printer Time Lapse Print – GP3D Root

Watch Root print an Eiffel Tower in a time lapse!
‣Check out our website to learn more about Sprout: ‣www.GP3D.com
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3D Printing Lower-Limb Prosthetics and Orthotics

We are certified clinicians trying to develop a method to make 3D printed orthotic and prosthetic devices accessible to our patients.

About this project

3D printing has been around for a while, and we’ve all seen stories here and there about someone receiving a 3D printed prosthesis. Tyler and I think it’s time for 3D printed prostheses to stop being a novelty, and become the standard of care, accessible to anyone. To do this, we will have to learn to stop leaning on quarter-million dollar printers, and learn to make quality devices on more affordable printers, like the $9,000 printer we want.
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Jan 8, 2015 - 3D-Druck News

FABMOBs Links Big Data to 3D Printing

A startup hopes to demonstrate their ability to convert large-scale databases into artistic visualizations.
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3DP_ATMOSPHERE: Capture environmental data. Generate, 3DPrint, build & exhibit an installation. Reward backers w/ the printed objects.
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Draken 3D SLA Printer Boasts Speed – and Lets You Watch Movies?

3DFacture say their Draken SLA 3D Printer is both speedy and accurate, and they’re looking for a little Kickstarter love to get their device into production.
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Draken – Affordable, Fast, High Res DLP-SLA 3D Printer
by 3DFacture

Draken is characterized by its 3.9” x 7.1” x 8.7” build area, min 37 micron XY resolution, low noise and up to 1.8+ in/hr print speed.

Do you feel impatient if your design takes such a long time to print? Are you upset that low-end 3D printers don’t have the quality to make the true beauty of your designs real? Are you frustrated if your 3D printer can’t print a sufficiently large size? Do you dream of having an affordable, high resolution and fast 3D printer on your desktop? We’ve created Draken, the ultimate printer.
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