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Curing Cancer with 3D Printing

If you were to ask me yesterday how you would use 3D printing to cure cancer I probably would have guessed that you would 3D print heavy objects and throw them at cancer patients hoping it would spontaneously cure them. But, thankfully, I’m neither a medical doctor nor a cancer researcher because what they came up with is a much more effective use of the technology.
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Autodesk biologist is hacking 3D printed virus to fight cancer

One of the most exciting and challenging areas in field of 3D printing technology must surely be bioprinting. Theoretically – and in several instances, practically as well – this can be used to artificially create blood vessels, vascular networks, organs, just about any cell structure and even DNA structures. Russian scientists are currently working 3D printable organs, but a team of scientists working for Autodesk are exploring the option of printing medicines for any disease, even cancer.
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Meet the biologist hacking 3D printed cancer-fighting viruses: Full WIRED2014 talk

Meet the biologist hacking 3D printed cancer-fighting viruses: Full WIRED2014 talk
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3D printed microfluidic molds used in fight against cancer

A specially designed 3D printed mold used to make microchamber for use in cancer research was revealed this week by Potomac Photonics. In the last 12 months, Potomac has partnered with multiple companies and universities to help them develop and manufacture parts that are being used in both cancer research and therapy. One recent example was a 3D printed mold that they fabricated for the Sloan-Kettering Institute for a microfluidic application which eased a bottle neck in the research process.
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