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NovaCopy Named Flagship Reseller for Mark One Carbon Fiber 3D Printer, Expands Prototyping Services

MarkForged found a way to 3D print using continuous strands of fiber-based materials like carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass, and that method provides 3D printed plastic with the needed reinforcement to create functional parts.
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The Mark One

NovaCopy presents the World’s First 3D Printer that prints a continuous strand of Carbon Fiber.
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Jan 6, 2015 - 3D-Druck News, 3D-Drucker

MarkForged Brings Us Collaborative Composite 3D Printing from the Cloud

Say that title three times fast! Continuing to bring 3D printing into the 21st century, MarkForged, the company responsible for the continous composite 3D printer launched last year, has announced the creation of Eiger, a cloud-based, collaborative software for designing and 3D printing with the Mark One Composite 3D printer. Eiger gives Mark One users the ability to access, modify, and 3D print models through Google Chrome.
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Okt 24, 2014 - 3D-Druck News, 3D-Drucker

Mark One Composite Material 3D Printer Receives Prestigious ACE Award

Composites are one of the most interesting new frontiers for 3D printing materials, albeit one that is only at the very (very) beginning of its exploration. While there have already been practical attempts to implement composite material in 3D printing processes (such as this one by voxeljet) the first 3D printer that promises to be able to effectively 3D print using composite materials is the Markforged Mark One, which has just received the prestigious ACE (Award for Composites Excellence) from the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA).
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Mark One, the world’s first carbon fiber 3D printer now available for pre-order

Be one of the first to 3D Print carbon fiber with the new Mark One. The Mark One 3D printer is now available for pre-order.
Designed to overcome the strength limitations of other 3D printed materials, the MarkForged Mark One 3D printer is the world’s first 3D printer designed to print composite materials.
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Brilliant ideas need brilliant materials.
Designed to overcome the strength limitations of traditional 3D printed materials, the revolutionary Mark One 3D printer is the world’s first 3D printer designed to print continuous carbon fiber. Now you can print parts, tooling, and fixtures with a higher strength-to-weight ratio than 6061-T6 Aluminum.
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Continuous Carbon Fiber 3D Printer Unveiled at SolidWorks World

When we wrote about the SolidWorks World expo – devoted to 3D modeling and its applications – last week, I mentioned that “a mysterious company called Mark Forged” would make its debut at the event. It was mysterious because, at the time the article was published, the Mark Forged website had nothing on it. That’s because the company was waiting to unveil its new and original carbon fiber 3D printer at SolidWorks World.
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Mark One Teaser from MARKFORGED on Vimeo.