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Military May Soon be Able to Copy & 3D Print Exact Replicas of Bones & Limbs For Injured Soldiers

Sometimes I open the newspaper and I have to stop and pinch myself for a moment, to make sure I’m not having a crazy dream. This has been the case a lot lately after seeing how quickly technology has been advancing. Just a few days ago, I learned that next year, Tesla plans for their new line of vehicles to be 90% self driving. I pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t asleep, and then I came across something even more incredible, which made me pinch a little bit harder.
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Dez 11, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

The British Army Wants to 3D Print the Military of the Future

There is an old truism saying that no new technology has truly made it until it has been used to deliver pornography or been turned into something that can kill by the military. In that, 3D printing is no different and has been used for both purposes multiple times. Of course there is nothing especially new about the army looking to 3D printing for military applications, but the scope of this new contract is looking even further than additive manufacturing technology, and looking at all types of future tech.
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Nov 17, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

US Military Might: Will 3D Printing Provide the Technological Leg Up?

The military and technology go hand in hand. We’ve all seen the sci-fi movies where the evil opposition developed or obtained a form of super technology that we had to top in order to survive. Today, our military faces a competition regarding who has the biggest budget, as well as a race to harness the brightest minds of each country for innovation and invention that have the potential for military benefit.
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Aug 27, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

Navy Seeks Bids in Reverse Auction Format for Stratasys Fortus 250 3D Printer

In the last year, the United States Navy has made several headlines with their multiple uses for 3D printing. Back in April, they announced that they had installed a 3D printer on board one of their vessels, the USS Essex. Two month after that, they put out a request for public information regarding the purchase of a 3D printer capable of printing with metals via a laser sintering method. The exact future uses of this printer were not published however.
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U.S. Army to 3D Print Synthetic Human Skulls in Order to Create Better Protective Gear For Soldiers

Boooooom! A bomb goes off on the battlefield, and it is instantly proceeded by the unfortunate casualties of war. Limbs are lost, and soldiers are killed, yet not all of the injuries are an effect of bomb fragmentation. Many injuries to solders in the vicinity of an explosion are caused by the substantial and rapid air pressure change that results from a blast of a high-order explosive, such as C4 or TNT. These shock waves, have the ability to penetrate a soldiers helmet and cause significant brain damage or even death.
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‚Piece‘ of Mind

A team of researchers from the Army Research Laboratory and a number of universities are taking a physics-based approach to understanding traumatic brain injuries. They’re partnering with military medical experts like those at the Army Medical Research and Materiel Command and others to understand the relationship between blast events – like explosions after an IED detonates – and brain injury. In this episode of Inside the Lab, ARL explores unique research approaches to understand how traumatic brain injuries occur, the challenges in detecting and diagnosing traumatic brain injuries and the obstacles Army and university researchers are attempting to overcome to find protection solutions to mitigate the effects of shock waves. Among the research approaches is looking at slices of rodent brains – one piece at a time – to learn the mysteries of blasts’ impact on the human brain.
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3D Printed Landmines are Built for Military Training

Over the past few weeks, we have been reporting on all sorts of uses that the U.S. Army is considering for 3D printing. Everything from 3D printed food, to 3D printed clothing and armor, the U.S. Army is not leaving one stone unturned in their quest for excellence, both on and off of the battlefield. They are not alone though. A small company called EOD Life is also trying to merge 3D printing with potential military uses.
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U.S. Army Researches 3D Printing For Use in Uniforms and Gear

It seems like every week we cover another story related to the United States Army’s current and future applications of 3D printing, both on and off the battlefield. From 3D printed warheads and food, to 3D bioprinting skin in order to help heal wounded soldiers, the Army has shown major interest in this incredible technology. This month, an entire issue of Army Technology Magazine was devoted to the research that is being done within the field of 3D printing, and the applications of which the Army is already exploring.
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U.S. Army Looks to 3D Print Warheads

There are so many amazing uses for 3D printing which have emerged over the last couple of years. From 3D printed medical models which have already saved numerous lives, to 3D printed prosthetics which cost several orders of magnitude less than traditional prosthetic devices, the technology is changing the world for the better. With that said, there are also a whole slew of ways in which 3D printing can be seen in a negative light. From intellectual property theft, to the 3D printing of guns, there certainly are concerns which will ultimately have to be dealt with.
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