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3D-Print This Kickass, Snap-Together R/C Race Car

As 3D printers get better, and users get more experience designing with 3D printing in mind, we are seeing more models released that use fewer non-printed parts to accomplish the end goal.
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Screwless 3D printed Car „Scout“ for Flutter Wireless. Outing #2, Take 2.

This is the second recorded outing with the 3D printed car I am working on, which I am designing as an open source project for Flutter Wireless and other wireless platforms.

This video is from recording day 2, and is a little longer than the first take. I run around with the car and really beat it up, but aside from a clip popping off after a hard tumble (which snapped back on) it never stopped running.

Currently I am using a traxxas wireless remote as the Flutter remote control is still in development. I also want to make a better motor driver because the Chinese one I am using is pretty lame.

The car uses no screws in its construction – it is all interlocking and snap together parts. By being clever about how you design something you can design robust and complex mechanisms that do not need screws and can be printed even on a standard home printer without support material, such as my three year old Ultimaker 1 where this car was printed.

Non-printed parts are:
8 608 Skate bearings ($4)
1 metal gear servo ($10)
1 brushless quadcopter motor ($5)
1 quadrotor propeller adapter ($0.50)
4 toy car tires ($10)
and batteries and electronics (~$40)
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Build Your Own 3D Printed Mars Curiosity Rover Featuring LED Lights, All-Wheel Drive & Steering

3fourD printing and sustainability in space are a popular contemporary conversation as it becomes apparent to all what we will soon be able to achieve beyond the current achievements of astronauts 3D printing tools and small components while on space stations.
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RC Mars Rover 3D printed

Test of Mars Rover, controled standard 4CH Transmitter.
Parts printed on 3d Printer Rebel 2.
Arduino Mega, 12 9g servos, and 3S lipo
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In the Age of 3D Printing You Can Have Any Accessory You Want for Your RC Vehicle

Rapid prototyping has made RC vehicles and robots easier to design. The spread of 3D printing as a manufacturing technology has made them easier to make. Now it is time to fully complement the miniature RC environment with any accessory you can think of for your RC vehicle’s garage. Top Shelf Hobby wants to help you to help them help you do just that.
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Using Multi-Material 3D Printing in the Euromold Remote-Controlled Truck

Every now and then, when you leave engineers alone to brainstorm, they come up with some amazing ideas. But what’s best about these people is that along with these amazing ideas, they usually have a pretty good concept of how it can be executed.

Just a few weeks before Euromold, this exact process became a reality. Derek Johnson, our Director of Product Management, was looking for ways to demonstrate the multi-material 3D printing available in the new ProJet 5500X system being announced at Euromold. Nick Chwalek, Senior Sales Manager at Geomagic Solutions, happened by and they started talking about Nick’s hobby of tinkering with remote-controlled (RC) vehicles.

Suddenly it all started to click together. Using Nick’s expertise at scanning and 3D design, and Derek’s and Ryan Schneider’s expertise at 3D printing, the idea of 3D printed multi-material tires and wheels for an RC truck, plus a custom-printed body, became real.
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