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Jan 6, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

Army to 3D print electronics, weapon components to help soldiers

Researchers at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey, a military research and manufacturing facility, are using additive manufacturing and 3D printing to print electronics, weapon components, and training models.

The Army has been making use of 3D printing technologies for a few years. In 2014 the Pentagon will be dabbling more in 3D printing. Their new step is to employ 3D electronic printing that could allow antennas to be printed onto a helmet or sensors into clothing – as well as the wing of an unmanned aerial vehicle to be printed in a single print job.
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Dez 1, 2013 - 3D-Druck News, Food Printer

How 3D Printing Is Going To Change The World

#1 How Did 3D Printing Begin?

A 3D printer is similar to a normal printer, however a normal printer produces ink on paper. 3D printers, on the other hand, layer atoms on top of each other to create, or print, actual 3D objects.
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#2 3D Printing Now

The revolution from previous 3D printing methods to what has been developed today, all began when companies like 3D Systems started designing “radically new materials”. The industry evolved from using weak, waxy plastics to very robust materials that can actually be used as a machine part, rather than just a prototype of a part.
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#3 The Dental Industry

That’s right, the dental industry is one industry that is making use of the revolutionary 3D printer. Dating back as recent as 5 years ago, if you went to a dentist to get a crown for your teeth, you would have bitten into clay to produce a mould of your teeth. Your dentist would have then made your crown by hand, even going so far as to hand-sand it!
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#4 Prosthetic Limbs Or Devices

Many people are praising 3D printing technology because it will have a huge effect on the medical industry. In particular, the creation of prosthetic limbs and devices has now become much quicker and easier. A company in San Francisco called Bespoke Innovations is one company to utilise 3D printing for this very reason.
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#5 Point and Click

With the introduction of 3D printing comes the innovation of instant CAD files through laser scanners. A company called FARO Technologies produces a handheld laser that you can point at an object, and the laser will then create a CAD file of what you’re pointing at in real time.
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#6 3D Printing At Home?

That’s correct! It is believed that one day in the future, basically every household will own a 3D printer that they will use on a regular basis for all kinds of needs. Just imagine replacing your paper and ink printers with one of these amazing machines!
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#7 Decreasing Our Carbon Footprint

Lets face it; we cannot deny that we are all leaving a very big carbon footprint on our world. One of the biggest factors contributing to this carbon footprint, however, is the manufacturing, transporting and importing of goods.
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#8 3D Printing And Space

3D printers are even being developed for space technology! Is there anything they can’t do? NASA has recently contracted a company called Made In Space to develop the first-ever 3D printer for microgravity. Made In Space CEO, Aaron Kemmer states, “The first printers will start by building test items, such as computer component boards, and will then build a broad range of parts, such as tools and science equipment.“
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#9 Gun Control And 3D Printing

Defense Distributed, a Texas-based group, announced that it had created the world’s first 3D-printed handgun. As expected, the news sent shock waves throughout America, and a debate for the regulation of printed guns was born. It is undeniable that 3D printers will change our world, however many now worry that the new technology could have extremely negative consequences.
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#10 Helping Developing Countries

Thankfully, 3D printing means more than just helping the wealthy to become even wealthier. Technology experts have stated that 3D printing can help third world countries who are struggling to obtain everyday items that we take for granted.
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#11 Super Power No More

Experts are also predicting that the rise of 3D printing will have bigger consequences for China. China has become the world’s mass-producing and manufacturing super power, however 3D printing will soon change all of that. Companies will be able to cheaply manufacture their required objects on demand at their own factory. Therefore, they will not be seeking the import of goods from China in order to cut costs.
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#12 Buy Now

Some argue that with the advance of 3D printing, we will soon be saying goodbye to parcels and deliveries. Why is this, you ask? The argument is simple: why click online to “buy now”, when you can instead click to “print now”?
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#13 Print An Organ

If someone requires an organ, it could soon become as easy as just printing one! Medical experts are excited for what the future holds when it comes to 3D printing, as it could provide the world with much-needed medical advancements, including helping with organ replacements.
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#14 The Automotive Industry

Since 3D printing is set to take the manufacturing industries by storm, this also means that the automotive industry will be transformed. Already, entire car bodies, fully functional bicycles and even perfectly flyable drone airplanes have all been printed using the technology.
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#15 Printable Pizza

As mentioned previously, NASA sure are excited about 3D printing technology. So excited in fact, that they’ve invested in a firm that is developing a 3D printer capable of printing pizzas for the International Space Station.
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