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GCodePrintr – The 3D Print App

Control your 3D printer from your favourite Android device and print 3D objects
*3D Printing from any Android device – PC less printing
*Connect to a printer using USB OTG/Host port
*Supports wireless printing over Bluetooth
*Load your own gcode file and start a real print from your Android device.
*Touch screen printer control interface (X,Y,Z Movement, Heat, Fan,..)
*Support for SD Card printing (upload, list files, autostart print)
*Easily modify speed during print and see how it impacts the print time.
*Layer by layer visualization and print simulation
*Show details like estimated time, speeds, filament usage, cost,..
*Printing is done in background (Android service)
*Small web interface to remotely view print status.
*Remotely stream the video of your builtin webcam (requires IPWebcam App)
*Receive print object from PC over network
**Use Gcode Simulator for PC to send files from PC directly to your Android tablet to print them.
*Works with many 3D printers (like Reprap, PrintrBot, Ultimaker, Makibox, Solidoodle, Robot3d, Multec Multirap,..)….
(…weiter auf play.google.com/store/apps/)

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