3D Printing Goes Off the Beaten Track

One of the liberating aspects of 3D printing is that it allows artists to explore unusual ideas that would otherwise be impossible due to cost or complexity.
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The 3D Printed Wall Train

The 3D Printed Wall Train from Can Altineller on Vimeo.

This is the second version of my „Wall Train“.
First version had four motors. This version uses only one motor. The locomotive is four wheel drive.
One micro gear motor is used to drive a set of 3d printed gears, that move all four wheels, and the motor has to provide enough power to overcome gravity.
The wheels are designed to maximize friction and grip, and this is accomplished by their grooved shape and rubber coating.
The train is magnetically attracted to the base plate by magnets. The green base tracks are made of 1.5mm steel, cut with a laser cutter and painted with spray paint. The rail tracks are just made out of plastic, and glued on top of steel cut parts.
(Quelle: Vimeo / Can Altineller)

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