Man to 3D Print His Own Home in His Own Home

Move over China, Behrokh Khoshnevis, and the Canal House, here’s a fella who’s 3D printing a building in his own garage! Though there’s been recent news of a Chinese company 3D printing homes in 24 hours, Dr. Khoshnevis at USC has been promising 3D concrete printing for at least a few years, and a Dutch design firm is slowly 3D printing a plastic building in Amsterdam, Andrey Rudenko is in the process of testing his own 3D construction process from the confines of his Minnesotan home.
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3D House Printer. Pre Test.

This 3D Cement Printer is designed to print medium-sized homes, It prints concrete insulated walls in a shape controlled by G-code. The printer is built to withstand real-world conditions and the video captures printing in winter temperatures (slightly above 32 °F or 0°C).
The technology you see is out of its laboratory testing stage and is capable of being taken outside and constructing a real house.

The next generation is currently in development and will be able to print homes on mountainous/hilly terrain, where traditional construction is more challenging

I’m looking to collaborate with fellow architects, designers, builders, and interested individuals worldwide, including students in these respective fields. I’m open to suggestions, discussions, and new ideas. The best way to reach me is through
If you are interested in sponsorship would be nice too.
Sincerely, Andrey Rudenko.
(Quelle: Youtube / rudenko952)

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