Paracosm 3D Scanner Starter Kit Officially for Sale

3D scanning is slowly becoming an actual thing! And by 3D scanning I mean low-cost, consumer-friendly, and, most importantly, mobile 3D scanning. The Structure 3D scanning sensor killed it on Kickstarter and was later snatched up by 3D Systems to be transformed into the iSense. Paracosm, previously covered on 3DPI, has increased the options for mobile 3D scanning by releasing its tablet 3D scanning package to the public.
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Collaborative 3D Scanning with Paracosm and Project Tango

The future of 3D scanning is that we’ll all be able to do it together! Check out this demo by Paracosm of the Google ATAP Labs Project Tango phones. Paracosm and Google Labs have been working side by side to create the technology to make collaborative scanning possible.
(Quelle: Youtube / Paracosm 3D)

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