The Da Vinci Codex, Decoded in 3D

Leonardo Da Vinci, remembered for his artistic masterpiece Mona Lisa, also left behind quite a lot of engineering drawings that were never realized or tested. They’re preserved in his sketchbook, known as The Codex Arundel (now digitized and archived online at the British Library’s site). Many of his ideas — like his mechanical wings, flying ships, and war engines — would have required crews, carpenters, and craftsmen to properly prototype and test. Suppose he could travel in time and gain access to the type of 3D CAD programs designers and engineers use today for concept exploration, what might he have done with it? How would his ideas look as digital prototypes?
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Leonardo Da Vinci 3D Design Contest

A recap of the 2014 3D Design Competition (organized by Dassault Systèmes with the support of Chateau du Clos Lucé, Scala Archives, AMD and HP) in order to make real some of the Leonardo Da Vinci inventions. Even though most of them were genuine visionary creations, some would not be working properly in real life. By complementing the intelligence and vision of the human mind to modern software and hardware tools, we can have those strange machines come to virtual life and simulate their behavior! This contest was launched to illustrate this complementarity. This video illustrate some of the best 3d models of the competition. Discover the 3DEXPERIENCE and all the details of the projects here :
(Quelle: Youtube / DassaultSystemes)

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