Local Motors Takes First Test Drive of Their 3D Printed Car

There are so many amazing projects going on in the 3D printing space, that it’s so easy to lose track. One project, which has me extremely excited, is one being worked on by a company called Local Motors. The company, based out of Phoenix, AZ plans to 3D print a car, live at the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago, on September 8-13th. Certainly this won’t be an easy task, as one little problem could turn out to be a catastrophe while trying to get the entire car printed within the six day window of the show.
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3D Printed Car: First Drive

Watch the 3D Printed Car test mule drive for the first time! The production version of the 3D Printed Car will be printed live at IMTS 2014 in September.
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(Quelle: Youtube / localmotors)

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