Multistruder- A Quad Filiment Extruder for your 3D Printer

Upgrade your 3D printer with the first low-cost quad drive extruder.
Bring your projects to life
Upgrade to color 3D printing with the first low-cost, quad extruder.
Multistruder gives you the freedom to integrate text, graphics, and color into your 3D prints.
Experiment with Materials
The production version of Multistruder will give you independent temperature control on each nozzle. This versatility will let you print up to four different types plastics at a time.
How does it work?
Multistruder is a quad FDM extruder. Load it up with four different plastic filaments and hit print.
While most 3d printers use single or dual extruders, Multistruder utilizes four print heads that can extrude different plastics at different temperatures- all during one print.
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