World’s First Analog 3D Printer – Requires no computers, software or electricity

In today’s society, we tend to focus a lot more on creating perfect looking objects, in a way that is the most affordable, and quickest to produce. This is evident when you compare certain products that were made decades ago, with those that we purchase today.
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THIS NEW TECHNOLOGY – Analogue 3D printer

THIS NEW TECHNOLOGY – Analogue 3D printer from DANIELDEBRUIN on Vimeo.

3d printing allows me to create products more swiftly and more efficiently than ever. but these products are not mine. they are merely a product of this new technology. I love technology but how can I reclaim ownership of my work? perhaps by building the machine that produces the work. perhaps by physically powering the machine, which I built, that produces the work. in hopes of rediscovering the sense of having created something, I create.

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