3DSimo Mini — The 3D Printing Pen & „Ultimate Creator’s Tool“ Hits Kickstarter With a Bang

It was just last month when we gave you all a sneak peek at the world’s newest, and possibly smallest, 3D printing pen, the 3DSimo Mini. The company producing this pen, 3DSimo, is known for their original device, but as the market gets a bit more crowded, competition is driving all within it to innovate, making things more efficient as well as smaller and more affordable. Earlier this year we saw the release of the 3Doodler 2.0, which is the second version of the original 3D printing pen, that relies on an FDM/FFF technique to extrude molten thermoplastic as the user draws in three dimensions.
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3DSimo Mini – The ultimate creator’s tool
von 3Dsimo

The 3DSimo Mini is the ultimate creator’s tool. Designed to be more than a 3D pen, it prints, solders, burns and cuts.

We have come a long way since our last product launch of 3DSimo. The 3D Simo Mini was designed to be the ultimate tool, perfect for everyone. The Mini incorporates an LED display that shines through the minimalist case design and is also lighter and more compact that its predecessor without compromising speed or strength of the feed mechanism. Its ergonomic shape makes it easy to handle as well. What will you create?
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