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Mrz 31, 2015 - 3D-Druck News

Contour Crafting Inventor Dr. Khoshnevis: Widespread 3D Printed Homes in 5 Years, High-Rises in 10 Years

Exclusive interview with Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis: Contour Crafting machines will be available starting at around $200,000 within a couple of years. Machine is now capable of printing concrete walls, insulation and even drywall. Widespread usage expected by 2020, and 3D printed high-rises by 2025. Technology is well ahead of China in terms of progress.
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Okt 3, 2014 - 3D-Druck News

3D Printing Houses Via Contour Crafting – Winner of „Create the Future“ Competition

In 2002, the publishers of the magazine NASA Tech Briefs began a contest titled “Create the Future” as a way to push forward and recognize outstanding innovation in engineering. It rapidly became a very popular competition, drawing over 8,000 product design concepts from a wide range of fields. The winners of past contests have made some truly outstanding contributions. In 2013, for example, four students from Harvard founded an organization called Theratech to introduce the ChemoPatch, a patch-based chemotherapy device that provides early stage chemotherapy while being low in cost, disposable, and easy to use.
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3D Printing Will Destroy The World Unless it Tackles the Issue of Materiality

Urgent rethinking is required to avoid the revolutionary potential of 3D printing being lost in a sea of pointless plastic products

Norman Foster plans to print moon bases using an array of mobile printing nozzles on a 6 metre frame to squirt out sequential layers of lunar soil that will be set with a binding solution. The current system can work at a rate of 2 metres per hour, but next generations of printers are expected to reach 3.5 metres per hour or more, and be able to finish an entire building in a week.
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Contour Crafting Update

Many years ago we wrote a brief story on Contour Crafting, who, if you don’t know, are developing the technologies necessary to 3D print entire buildings in concrete. The idea is to erect a “portable” 3D printer gantry around a home-building site and have the device extrude the walls of the building.
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University of Southern California & the Realization of 3D Printed Houses

At ComputerWorld, there’s a great post by Lucas Mearian covering the Contour Crafting talk I mentioned in my review of the Inside 3D Printing Conference. If you missed it, the lecture, titled “Robotic Building Construction using Contour Crafting”, covered the very real prospect of constructing large scale structures, buildings in particular, with 3D printing.
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