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Revolution in der Medizin durch 3D-Druck steht bevor

Die Prothese aus dem Drucker. Das könnte die Zukunft in der Medizin sein. Für den Privatgebrauch ist die Technik allerdings noch sehr teuer, meinte Axel Bruns vor dem Erfinderforum Bottwartal in Oberstenfeld. Bruns ist Informatiker, hat zusätzlich Mathematik und Physik studiert. Er ist Chef von inftech in Rutesheim. Sein Unternehmen hat sich spezialisiert auf Datenrettung und Softwaretechnik. Außerdem ist er technischer Experte für Computertomographie (CT) sowie die Magnetresonanztomographie (MRT). Unter anderem wartet er diese hochkomplexen Geräte in Kliniken. Daher die Verbindung von Medizin und 3D-Druck.
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“MakerNurses” — Patient-Focused Innovators Set To Become The Next 3D Printing-Empowered Makers

DIY maker-care players — at every level — are already producing “exo-solutions” (e.g., hyper-custom exoskeleton casts) with 3D printing (3DP) to meet human health needs for non-invasive, patient-specific prostheses, devices and systems. Now, some prescient healthcare academics and professionals are betting that the nurse — 3DP-enabled —will be the next front-line foot-soldier of DIY health practitioners…
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In China, world’s first successful 3D-printed shoulder and collar bone implants

In Xi’an, China, the capital of Shaanxi province, 3D-printed titanium prostheses were successfully implanted into three patients suffering from cancerous bone tumors. The procedures took place on March 27 and April 3 and the patients are currently in good condition and recovering with their new, 3D-printed bone replacements: a collar bone, a shoulder bone, and the right ilium of the pelvis.
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3D printers help surgeons hone their skills on replica body parts

On the table sits the trachea of a 12-month-old child. Mitch Finlayson lifts it between two fingers, and smiles.

The plastic model, an accurate re-creation of a windpipe and bronchial tree, was created with a 3D printer using scans from a patient at the Royal Children’s Hospital. It will be used to train paediatric surgeons in bronchoscopy, a procedure in which a tiny camera is guided through the bronchial tubes into the lungs.
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Materialise Updates Their ‘Mimics Innovation Suite’, Turns X-Rays Into 3D Models

Every year tens of millions of dollars are spent by patients and their insurance companies on expensive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans. The scans can be time consuming, as well as a pain in the neck to sit through.
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The upcoming release of the Mimics Innovation Suite Research Edition allows you to combine X-ray images with 3D models to significantly increase the clinical data used to develop and evaluate devices.
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