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3D Printed Espresso Cup Used in Space For First Time on the ISS

The is no doubt that both NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are at the forefront of 3D printing technology. After all, the technology could be one of the biggest enablers of interplanetary exploration that we have seen yet, both from a small-scale standpoint where astronauts can 3D print parts and items needed without requiring large payloads, as well as the printing of actual bases and structures, using Contour Crafting technology and other methods of large-scale 3D printing.
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AstroGro — The Self Sustainable 3D Printed Bio-farm For Space

Coming as a shock to no one, humans need to eat food. As NASA readies its (still decades-off) manned mission to Mars, one of the problems that need to be addressed is how they’re going to send enough food with the space crew to keep them alive. Not only for the journey to Mars, but once they get to the destination in what is most likely going to be a one-way journey, or close enough to it that packing some crates full of Hot Pockets and granola bars isn’t going to cut it.
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AstroGro for the 2015 International NASA Space Apps Challenge

AstroGro is a 3D printed pod that is integrated with artificial intelligence to organically grow fresh food, which will enable sustainable life in space. Space travel and space colonization are not feasible without a renewable food supply that can adapt to the unpredictable conditions and needs, inside a shuttle and out. To build a system that both optimizes food growth in space and scales the food supply in a renewable manner means we help bring humanity one step closer to long-distance space travel.

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Eurostar E3000 Satellite Project Features First Space-Qualified 3D Printed Aluminum Part

The Eurostar E3000 is a generic satellite model often used for commercial and military communications. Manufactured by Astrium, the system uses a bi-propellant chemical propulsion system and an optional plasma propulsion system (PPS) which captures the Newtonian effect from the ionization of xenon gas and hall-effect plasma thrusters. The E3000 was also the first commercial satellite system to make use of lithium-ion batteries to keep it powered up during eclipses.
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Take 3D printing to the Moon: Engineers‘ robocar Asimov won $750K Google Lunar XPrize

As developments towards putting 3D printing in space – both actual 3D prints as well as the act of 3D printing – become more prevalent, it’s easy to associate 3D printing with recent efforts done by Made in Space to put a working 3D printing aboard the International Space Station. While Made in Space is certainly doing just as much – if not more – than anybody else out there, they certainly aren’t the only ones who have been working on sending 3D printed objects into the outer atmosphere.
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